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Justiceforgeorgefloyd Com [May] A Scam or Legit Site

Justiceforgeorgefloyd Com [May] A Scam or Legit Site -> This article intends to explain to you the tragic and brutal death of the Afro American man by the white officers.

Do you know how did the forty-six years George Floyd has been brutality led to death? This article will help you understand how this man had to face the harsh threat of the people and how this incident has shaken everyone around the world.

It has with the memory and to revolt against the threat. That happened against this person in the name of racism, and the Justiceforgeorgefloyd Com came into the picture. It is to provide donations for the family who have lost their loved ones and are talented.

Talking about George Floyd, he was an Afro American man who used to reside in the States and was a person who was as a bouncer. He was away from his family and used to live alone. The brutal attack by the four white officers and distrusting the innocent man of forgery had a significant impact on the black community. However, this is not the very first incident which has happened there are numerous such other incident which has led to conflict among the people and the community.

The death of George Floyd took place in the United State on the twenty-seventh of May month. The incident occurred due to the brutal behavior of the police in the area of Minneapolis against this person.

How did people come to know about his death?

The George Floyd Video grabbed the attention of the millions towards the cruel death of this innocent person. This video was by an onlooker and later, which was circulated the globe via the Internet.

Who was George Floyd?

This man belonged to the African American community and was a victim of racial discrimination in the country. He was a very humble person with a gentle heart and is known for his playful and cheerful nature. He used to work at a bistro as a bouncer and was the most well known and loved personality among the regular customers.

He was also an educated graduate and had been living in Minneapolis, hunting for some excellent opportunities for around five years. He used to live in an area that belonged to the third ward.

Below are some of the key points about the death of this man:

  • There is also online petition George Floyd Petition for this campaign which supports the movement
  • This incident was globally recognized after a passerby uploaded this video on the Internet
  • The death of this man in the presence of four brutal and insensitive white officers
  • The end was abrupt with the officer kneeling on this brave man’s neck on the street
  • It is one of the most potent and disheartening cases of black profiling in the past six months
  • False claims were upon him of any counterfeit forgery for one of the local shop across the street
  • The incident had a significant impact on the black community in the states and across all the parts of the globe
  • People are rigorously waiting for a fair decision to be on behalf of the justice for this man
  • This is indeed for the support of the black community to revolt for their justice and rights

How did the public response from his sad demise?

There was a fire sparked not only on the locals but also on the people across the globe. There was no humanity shown by the four officers who were there at that moment. Considering the police to be a very soulful figure and at the benefit of the citizens, this act was surely a black mark on the police officers.

All the protestors were on the roads with the protest of Justice for Big Floyd and demanded justice. Also, many well-known people came forward to support this moment and tried to create a movement to support the brutal death.

 Final Verdict

The bottom line of this article is that the situation is not at the stop, and there are trials done to have control over this situation. However, one positive thing as per the revolt has resulted in the officers’officers’ termination from their respective positions in the police department. 

Such a call was essential to making the other officers understand that such an action is highly unacceptable and would lead to significant consequences. Only suspension or termination does not suffice the loss, which is accurate, and much more stringent work is expected by many. 

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