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Justinmontney com Reviews [May] Is It A Genuine One?

Justinmontney com Reviews [May] Is It A Genuine One? -> In this article you get to know about an online site created by a wedding videography company.  

The fiancee of a 24 year old man died in a car accident, months before her wedding. Now the husband-to-be is not only facing the agony of her sudden loss, but also a refusal from the wedding videographer that they hired to refund the amount given. Lately, Justinmontney com Reviews reveal how this seemingly simple issue has turned into a full-fledged battle between Montney and the video filming company.

Who is Justin Montney?

The groom-to-be Justin Montney is a 24 year old Kansas resident in the United State. He was about to get married to his fiancee Alexis Wyatt on 23rd of May. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Tragedy struck him when his fiancee lost her life in an unexpected car accident this February.

What is Justin Montney’s story?

Justin’s fiancée Alexis Wyatt had paid Copper Stallion Media $1800 to cover their wedding photography and video on November 19, 2019. However, after she died, Justin Montney realized that there was no need for the services of the company and requested a refund of the money they paid to the company earlier. Although at the time of the payment, the couple had signed a contract with the videography company where the payment made was declared non-refundable.

Justin Montney wedding videography

The situation turned nasty when the videographer of the company, after expressing customary sympathy to Justin bluntly refused to return his request of refunding the money. Instead, they made an indecent remark about using the money already paid for filming the video of his next wedding. This remark did not go down well with Montney.

Copper Stallion Media has alleged that Justin and his friends posted numerous unfavourable comments condemning the company on a wedding planning site, namely, The Knot. The company retaliated by threatening to sue Montney. They also made a website called Justinmontney.com to refute Montney’s arguments against them.

On their part, the company claims that Montney had been for some time repeatedly messaging and emailing them for the refund. They said that every time he did so, they would inform him about the legally binding contract that was signed by them on November 19.

Besides, the company made it explicitly clear to him that non-refundable contract was their industry’s norm and they had already guaranteed payment to the two videographers of their company.

Eventually, the company decided to stop replying as they considered Montney’s demands invalid and felt that any further deliberation on the issue would be futile.

Montney then decided to involve the media in this issue. In an interview to a TV station, Montney admits to signing a legally binding non-refundable contract with Copper Stallion, but firmly keeps his stance on his view that a refund of the money should be made to him.

Copper Stallion responded to Montney’s public outburst of anger as a ‘smear campaign’ to put a stain on the reputation of the company.

Was Justin Montney fooled?

Montney’s main argument is that on behalf of his tragic circumstances, Copper Stallion should deviate from their usual company rules and norms and grant him a rightful return. In one of his email exchanges Montney makes it clear how much he is disgusted with the functioning of the company.

In the midst of all the chaos and confusion, a former Copper Stallion employee Alex Murphy has claimed that the company itself isn’t reliable and runs on an unprofessional framework. The identity of the owner of Copper Stallion is also quite obscure and not well-known.

What are people’s thoughts on such incidents?

This ongoing feud between John Montney and Copper Stallion has created quite a buzz among a vast majority of people. People have shared mixed responses on this issue.

Some think that the company is not entitled to refund him the money, nevertheless, they should not mock his situation by such harsh comments. Others say that the company should return the money on purely humanitarian grounds.


Further response from both the contesting parties regarding the progress on the settlement of their issue is awaited and news channels are continuously reaching out to discern the truth and get down to the bottom of the issue. In the end we sincerely feel bad for Justin and the money that he lost. Yet, we think that he should have made a more informed choice of choosing a company to film his wedding now that it appears that the company itself was a dubious organization.

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