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Kapocord Review [April] – Shop From It OrAvoid It!

KapocordReview [April] – Shop From It Or Avoid It!>> Reading this post will let you know about available products, feedbacks, scam and expert remark!

Have you heard about Kapocord? Have you visited kapocord.com? Have you ever purchased from there? We always have a question in our minds and are doubtful about the reliability and authenticity of these online stores.

This Kapocord Review will help you understand more about this online store. Let’s start with an intro!

Kapocord store is a type of fashion store.It is an online store that aims to bring out the best deals for the customers. It is serving in The United States, Canada, and other regions of Europe for a few months. It is a store of a variety of indoor and outdoor rugs, wind chimes, artificial flowers, plants, and trees. They provide free shipping and free returns on the orders placed by customers.

What Is Kapocord.com?

Kapocord.com is protected by SSL (https), which is very necessary for any online shop to save visitors from middleman attackers. It makes communication between the visitors and the support team of the brand or company. There is no sign of suspicious and doubtful codes on kapocord.com. Usually, every legit business always tries it’s best to promote their business on the online platform. They must become known and advertise more at affordable rates. There must be a reasonable quantity of external links to the website, but in this case, external links are shallow, which makes us alert about kapocord

The domain kapocord.com is very recent. It was active since 9 Dec. 2019. The customer support claims to be active 24*7, and the customers can reach out at kapocord@outlook.com. It makes people confused about the reliability and existence of such stores. 

Privacy Policy

They take the information from the customers like name, address, email id, and phone number with a promise that this information would remain safe with them, and it would not be shared with anyone for any reason. This information is collected with the consent of the customers, and they can withdraw it at any point in time.

It takes 3-7 business days for standard delivery and a maximum of 9 days to get the order delivered. DHL (DalseyHillblom Lynn) method is used for the shipment of an order. It also uses EMS( Express Mail Service) for some countries. 

Kapocord Reviews From Its Customers

After coming across different views of various customers, it is evident that trusting kapocord is quite tricky because it has low points on the scale of loyalty. Loyalty is built with time and the number of satisfied customers. The site is unreliable and non-trustable, according to the majority of customers. They declared this site as fraudulent as they do not seem to work as an official online store, which aims to deliver the products ordered by the buyers. Some question their credibility and find it difficult to believe how such websites get a license to sell. Online stores run to make their customers delighted and contented with the service so that they are compelled to buy again. To make this possible, these companies need to take responsibility for the customers.

Is Kapocord a scam or legit?

People call Kapocord Legit as well as scam. But what is the truth? Few people say that it is an excellent website for online purchasing because it sells varieties at reasonable rates. Can we believe this feedbacks or reviews? The number of negative feedback is much higher than the positive. It is concluded that it is neither loyal nor trustworthy. It is a scam which aims at money only. They do not even care about their customers. They make them pay for the product by confirming them to provide the tracking ID. This tracking ID will be generated after the order is placed or after you pay for that online. After the payment, the order is not received by customers.

They complained about the helpline numbers which are not responsive, and the support employees are not at all efficient and do not respond to calls and reply to emails by customers.

It is not tolerable.

Our recommendation:

We will not advise buying from Kapocord as we have gone through Kapocord ReviewsPlease beware of these scams. Before buying, please follow the steps below:

  • Visit the website and go through every needful section before purchasing it. 
  • Compare the prices of the products so that they could not fool you, making you pay more than a reasonable price.
  • Search everything possible from different websites about the store. It is crucial to know about it.
  • Go through social media reviews that are posted by different customers. Ask your friends, relatives, and known ones if they purchased from there or not. If yes, is this reliable or not?

You must have heard that precaution is better than cure. Your alertness will keep you away from these cheats and fraudulent stores. In my opinion, focusing on the aim of making money, people are finding various ways to trick people so that they fall into their trap. On the website, they claim free shipping and free returns. But, this is not the truth. They charge more than the cost of the product for returns or exchange of the item. This is undoubtedly unethical and cannot be accepted. They have various terms and conditions for the performance of merchandise. Usually, people do not read those before buying for which they pay afterward. 

The people who got their product were not happy with the product quality, and the price was not at all reasonable for such quality. The address provided on the website of their company is 1527 Fruitland drBellinghamWA98226.

It seems to be fake because the same address is provided by different other fraudulent sites like Scaekro,  Polyesle, Tennisock,Autount, Sualatt, Hessiange, Forizedly,  Sergealine, Ovenazil, Anticotton, Selvedagon, Prestander,  Hillorest, Sergbeng, Bleacheal, Durcoer. These online stores which are scam charged customer’s credit card and that too, without taking their permission. The people who purchased before from their stores, are suggested to contact their banks or relevant credit company to secure their private details and save your money. Please share this post and review it with your friends and family to safeguard them from scams and fraudulent. Your money is your responsibility. Don’t allow these cheats to survive in the market.

0 thoughts on “Kapocord Review [April] – Shop From It OrAvoid It!

  1. I personally would call them a scam since they use a fake address. They are not operating
    out of a residential house in any way, I know they people who live there and that is not their
    business. So even if they really do sell stuff and deliver it, why use a faked address?

  2. They are definitely a scam. I ordered a product and waited an entire month, when the package arrived it was not what I ordered and they did not give me back a refund. They offered me 60% back what i paid. I ordered a squat rack and they sent me disposable mask. WTF.

  3. “Kapocord.com” is a SCAM! I ordered a set of small exercise equipment from them, but never received a confirmation email or tracking number. I reached out to them, and they gave me a tracking number a day later. 1 month thereafter I received the package, but it was an envelope that contained 1 set of disposable facemasks. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THAT WEBSITE!!!! I filed a complaint against the company with the FTC and suggest anyone else who got scammed by them to do the same.

    1. Looks like their running under these as we:
      M market
      Im certain theres othersI

  4. An online company named called Beartilk is also using the same address for their business. The internet address to locate them is Beartilk.top….. I googled the address to see if they were a legit company & came across this website. Everyone needs to check with BBB before ordering from any company online. Glad I researched !!

  5. Same ,also rec. Disposable masks, product came from China what I ordered was batting practice machine. So I basically paid $70 for 4 disposable face masks. Thus is a company based out of china that is using a US address and a fake telephone # that is not in service. I dont even know how I will get my money back when I cant contact them. But that’s what they want. Time to cut off credit card I used so they cant steal anymore.

  6. I almost bought an item from a the website porfuk.top, but the price seemed too good to be true. After running the physical address posted on the website, it matched the same as the one listed on this site, so sadly the axiom “anything that sounds too good to be true must not be true”….

  7. Thank god I did some digging. I possibly just avoided a ruined birthday surprise for my son. Musover.club uses the same address 1527fruitland dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226. Which google shows it as a house. And the phone number says it is disconnected.

  8. I placed an order March 13 It’s April 18 every time I send them an email decide to be patient don’t buy from this company they’re a scam you can read all the rest of the reviews so whatever you do don’t buy it from them you lose your money and if you call them they’ll tell you to be patient that means that you never going to get your money back or your merchandise

  9. I’m chagrinned to admit that I fell for their bull. I saw the price on a speed bag platform and thought “that’s ridiculously low, why would anyone sell it for that price…” But then I thought maybe it was a blooper model, the printing was off or something wasn’t up to specs so they were selling them off for cheap. You can rationalize almost anything if you really want it, so I decided it was cheap enough to take a chance, but still skeptical enough not to use a credit card. I used Paypal so they wouldn’t have my card numbers. THANK GOD. I wish I would’ve gotten the face masks that everyone else got — I could’ve used them during the pandemic. Instead I got a cheap and ugly pair of sunglasses. And they’ve been promising me a complete refund for months now…I’m not even sure why they bother to answer emails, it’s obvious now that they’re crooks and yet they keep acting like they’re not. I suppose I deserve that…it’s what you get for being a dope. Expensive lesson learned. STAY AWAY FROM COMPANIES YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE…IF IT LOOKS LIKE A SCAM AND SMELLS LIKE A SCAM, TRUST YOUR NOSE…

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