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Karo Doiqua com VN {May} Read And Know All The Details!

The article Karo Doiqua com VN provides the details about the website and its purpose regarding the contest with prize details.

Do you love eating Karo cakes? Can you imagine being able to win an exciting car as a prize for buying a cake from Karodoiqua? Are you ready to know about this exhilarating contest?

The Vietnambased company manufactures many types of food and snack products. To promote their products, they have announced this contest. Here is the article which covers the recent announcements in Karo Doiqua com VN.

The Offer Price Announcement.

Karodoiqua.com is a portal that belongs to the Hoang-Mai & Production Company Limited. They have created this website for a contest. Hoang- Mai -Company produces cakes and snacks, from which they have announced an offer price for 4 Karo type cakes. They are,

  • Fresh-Milk Cream with -Strawberry- Bird’s (Nest -Flavor) Richy- Karo- Cake
  • Scrambled-Egg Tarts with Golden cheesy -flavor 
  • Fresh – Egg – Cake from -Karo -Bong
  • Karo-cakes butter & crispy egg  

The main purpose of designing the website is that the customers have to enter those hidden letters in the website Karo Doiqua com VN. Hidden letters will be present in the cards; the customers will be given a scratch- card for every purchase of Karo cakes. Each card will have 12 alphanumeric letters.

The Contest Details

After collecting the scratch – card details, customers have to enter the 12 alphanumeric letters on the website. They will be switched to another page, where the users have to give their personal details. Each customer will get an attempt to spin the lucky paddle to get the honouring prizes. Those honouring prizes include mobile recharging packs worth of ten thousand Vietnamese dongs.

An overview of Karo Doiqua com VN

But the website’s contest will be active on the timings 8 a.m. to 10 p.m from March 25th, 2022, to May 25th, 2022. Each customer can enter only one scratch code. 

The prize details for the contest are that 20 people will be selected for the first prize; the prize is a standard -honda SH- mode – CBS, and the second prize is a Sun-house (9000 -BTU) AC for 200 people. The 3rd prize is Sun -house AC for -600 people, and fourth prize is Richy- Karo’s Back- packs for 6,000 people.

The Legitimacy of The Website

Checking the legitimacy of websites like Karo Doiqua com VN is a must before entering one person’s personal details.

 Positive highlights

  • The website provided detailed information regarding the contest.
  • Contact numbers are provided for grievances.
  • Negative highlights
  • They have offered unrealistic prizes to many people.
  • They announced prizes worth of 10 billion Vietnamese dongs.
  • The website’s age details are  unavailable 
  • Reviews regarding the contest are missing.
  • The Domain Register is unknown.

And the website received a very low trust score of 20%. The negatives are more than the positives in this case, so it is advisable to analyse the contest details before entering them.


Thus, the article Karo Doiqua com VN provided the details about the Hoang – Mai  Company’s  promotional contest and the prize details. But their prize money is very high, which makes us to suspect its legitimacy. Read about the trust score  

Do you find this article useful? Help us to know about your favorite karo cakes in the comment section.

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