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Karymy Reviews [Jun 2021] Check Is It Legit one or Not?

Karymy Reviews [Jun 2021] Check Is It Legit one or Not? >> Are you searching for details of a web store offering all kind of latest collection of dresses at affordable prices? Have a look here.

The E-commerce platform has come up with several web store selling items around the United States and all over the world internationally. However, in between few genuine and trustworthy web stores, many online scam stores take advantage of people’s innocence and technology. 

Karymy com portal is one of them. We will try to bring out Karymy Reviews after extensively investigating the web store. If questions like Is Karymy com legit? What Are its reviews and other questions regarding the Karymy web store is disturbing you then please read over the entire content to get all your queries and doubts clear regarding Karymy com.

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What Is Karymy.com?

Karymy com is an online shopping store which supplies items like dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, linen pants and other accessories. The Karymy com aims to offer unique and high-quality items to their Consumers present all around.

Don’t worry we will give you all the details on Is Karymy Legit as we reach the end of this content.

Karymy is a global web store that focuses on providing the latest and affordable women’s clothing fashion to every customer. In addition, it aims to Provide maximum collections of dresses to the valued customers present everywhere.

The store gives fast and free shipping worldwide with an extensive collection of dresses at an affordable price. The web store gives ten per cent off if you are shopping from this store for the first time.

Let’s get further updates and collect more factual details of Karymy.com before heading towards Karymy Reviews.

Specifications Of Karymy.com:

  • The URL link of the web store is https://www.karymy.com/
  • The web store domain creation date is the 22nd of June 2020
  • The email address of the web store is service@karymy.com
  • The web store provides fast and free shipping of products 
  • Return is applicable only within seven days of receiving an order.
  • The website gives refunds if applicable within a certain period. 
  • The website has not shared its customer service number 
  • The web store has not displayed the physical location of the store 
  • We didn’t find out website displaying the cancellation policy and made if payment 

Well, let’s now read Karymy Reviews going further! If you have been a part of PayPal scam, then read here.

Pros Of Karymy.com:

  • The web store is six months old
  • The web store gives free and fast shipping of the product 
  • The web store gives enormous discounts on every item 
  • The website is SSL certified 

Cons Of Karymy.com:

  • Karymy.com website carries only a one per cent trust score, as stated by scam advisor 
  • The web store gives only seven days returns opportunity 
  • The cancellation policy and payment mode of the website is missing ⁷
  • The web store does share its customer’s service number.
  • No presence of Karymy.com is found on social networking platforms 

Is Karymy Legit?

Apart from searching only the reviews of the website, it’s necessary to investigate and predict ourselves after going through website facts. So let’s read those!

  • The web store is eleven months old
  • The website has only a 1% trust score 
  • The web page gives enormous of offers uselessly to attract the customers 
  • The web store had received low rank by scam detector 
  • The Karymy.com reviews are not available. 
  • The website sharing Instagram and Facebook icon is blocked

So, seeing these facts, it seems that the store is unsafe for now.

What Are Karymy Reviews Presented Online?

Karymy com is an eleven-month-old web store, and we saw while searching reviews that no one had updated their feedback online about the Karymy web store.

The website, despite being eleven months old, has not collected any customer reviews and response yet. Furthermore, there is no comments of the consumer on social sites too.

So currently, the store is missing consumer reviews. Let’s wait until the web store receives enough strong customer updates about reviews. To know the advantages of shopping items online, you can visit the link. If you have been scammed by any online store and want to get a refund on a credit card directly, read here:


Reading all the details about the store and Karymy Reviews, we conclude that this website is one of the unsafe stores. There are many negative factors about this web store, which got us to the conclusion that the store is suspicious.

So it’s advisable to stay away from the Karymy.com website until it receives a good number of feedback.

Have you come across any good reviews by customers of the Karymy.com portal? Comment down!

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