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Kaycee Beauty Brushes Reviews {June} Safe Product Or Not!

Kaycee Beauty Brushes Reviews {June} Safe Product Or Not! -> This article provides you with information about this website that offers top-quality and eye-catching beauty brush sets.

Are you looking for a beautiful addition to your beauty accessory collection? This website is the right place where your search ends.

As per the Kaycee Beauty Brushes Reviewsthis website comes with some fascinating products with exceptional quality and affordable costs. The Kaycee Beauty Brushes  is also the best gifting option for your female friends, family members, or loved ones.

The reviews also state that the delivery process is swift and customers are pleased with the product and the fast delivery process that the company provides. The brushes come with premium quality bristles, attractive handle to hold and different textures.

The website delivers its product to its customer worldwide, including the United State, United Kingdom, in less delivery time. As you scroll down the page, you will find more exciting features about this website and the quality product that it offers to its customers. 

What is Kaycee Beauty Brushes?

The Kaycee Beauty Brushes is an online website that provides with beauty brush set available in different range, size, color, and variation. This online website offers the products to its customers with secure delivery options along with the seamless mode of payment options.

The handle of these brushes are comfortable to hold them and also comes in various designs such as marble handles, mermaid style handles, glass, and glossy handles, textured and plain handles. These elegant brush sets are indeed a good pick for blending the makeup with ease and the bristles ensure smooth makeup experience without irritation.

How are Kaycee Beauty Brushes?

The Kaycee Beauty Brushes comes in different textures, style, size, material, and color along with innovative designs that ensure natural makeup with a flawless look. The Kaycee Beauty Brushes are easy to hold, comes in different sizes with different styles.

The design makes it easier to hold the brush and is also ideal to do the makeup on the go. The cost of this set is very affordable and ensures fast delivery. This set of beauty brushes is indeed is a perfect gifting option. 

Specification of Kaycee Beauty

  • Website type: beauty essential products
  • Exchange: available (within 30 days of purchase)
  • Refund: available (within 30 days of purchase)
  • Tracking Order: available 
  • Shipping option: shipping cost available ( around $75)
  • Gifting option: available
  • Discount or sale option: available
  • Email: support@kayceebeauty.com (support team), contact@kayceebeauty.com (contact email id)
  • The Company hosted by Shopify Inc. 126 York St. Ottawa, ON K1N 5T5, Canada
  • Company phone number: 12575290

What is the mode of payment option?

The customers can order their favorite set of brushes from the various options available. They can make the payments easily via the different payment modes such as AMEX, Mastercard and VISA.

How long does it take for shipping?

The website expects the customers to wait until the duration of 15 days for the product to arrive at the customer’s place. In case the period is extended to more than 45 days, you can email the support team and review the status of the order and get the refunds if needed.

How long it takes for the refund?

An email is sent to the customer as soon as the company receives the returned item. The refund is transferred instantly into the customer’s credit card or original mode of payment within specified days. The refund option states that only the regular priced items would be refunded, other sales items won’t be refunded.

Pros of buying from Kaycee Beauty

  • Attractive user interface
  • Cart option to put your desired products
  • Online and seamless mode of payment
  • Brushes in exclusive patterns
  • Best refund option
  • Wholesale purchase option
  • Newsletter option
  • Clearance sale option
  • Incredible design and color option
  • Tracking order options available

Cons of buying from Kaycee Beauty

  • No external links
  • Absence of information about the physical office
  • No hyperlinks to a new browser tab or window

Final Verdict

The bottom line of this website is that it is an interactive, attractive, and user-friendly website. It offers option such as a cart, filter option, and others that make your shopping experience easier and fun. The online site also provides ease mode of payment that ensures secure shopping at the comfort of your home.

The website also offers gifting option, easy and fast delivery, and refund, exchange, and return options. It also comes with tracking options that help the customer keep track of their products.

0 thoughts on “Kaycee Beauty Brushes Reviews {June} Safe Product Or Not!

  1. I ordered from this website over a month ago and emailed costumer support 3 times and havent heard anything. Complete and total rip off dont waste your money. Very unprofessional

    1. The same thing happened to me. I placed my order last month and haven’t received my package. I emailed support twice already and I have heard nothing back. I am very disappointed.

      1. I’ve been waiting over a month. This place is a joke. I suggest we all turn them into the BBB. After emailing them several times they finally gave me a tracking number for China??? You say you are from the US but my product is coming from China. I don’t want anything from China. Very pissed customer.

        1. I ordered over 3 weeks ago, they happily took my money sent me a conformation then have not sent items. The only way to contact is via email which is a total waste of time as they do not respond. Can not find them on social media either. Complete scam and they need reporting!!!

    2. Me too. I order 3 brush sets and my order has already been delayed twice and I’ve been emailing them and no response

      1. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. HORRIBLE BUSINESS. Ordered two sets over a month ago, they have not came. The tracking number is not even valid. You will not reach customer service because it’s an email. I sent several and they never reply. I would not recommend at all. I wish we can all report this scam of a company.

        1. I am a victim of their fraud ways too! I recently, back in April, purchased 3 sets of brushes— which never came. Have been emailing “corporate” like crazy just to receive an automated-like, robotic response asking me to check 17track— which hasn’t been updated since May 30th.

    1. I ordered mine the beginning of March and same thing says it’s coming from China for the last two weeks and I don’t even want to use them if they do come it’s super sketchy

  2. I ordered April 25th 2020 and have sent 3 emails and they wont respond. They sent me emails like crazy till I finally ordered, now they wont send me any response. So its prob a scam..I recommended you not waste your hard earned money on a place that’s just there to take your money. You’ve been warned…

    1. My sister and I offered a month ago from this company and have emailed them several times with no response. I’m absolutely livid and I have no idea how to get my money back as you have to pay directly through your card?!

  3. I order back in April and still have not received my order. Contacted customer service many times. Sometime you get answer other times not. Was told many times my order shipped. My daughter also emailed them same thing told shipped. Sent a tracking number which both of us got the same was a bogus tracking number. This has been fraud and many people have gotten same messages from other people who have ordered.

    1. After 2 months and over 20 emails(I had started emailing everyday) I finally got my order today. I really don’t recommend this company at all. I’m not sure if anyone else might get theirs. But please don’t order from them it’s not worth the risk.

  4. I placed an order over 45 days ago after seeing them On Instagram. No response from customer service. This is a scam website.

    1. Very disappointed I ordered three different brush sets over a month ago and still haven’t received anything. I emailed the support system two times about the tracking number they provided and no response!

  5. I also ordered and have not heard anything about my purchase its been almost a month this is a scam. All this 5stars reviews online about the product is fake

  6. I placed my ordered 2 sets last month and still have not received them! Total scam.
    Fraud. If customer service reads this “send my order”!

  7. I too, have ordered from these people. Is there anyway we can make sure this does not happen to anyone else? It’s been over 45 days.

  8. Exactly the same here, place an order about a month ago, 2 brushes set and 1st was supposed to arrive on May 5th, then may 14th, now I dont know, the website keeps giving the same information. I emailed them already but I haven’t heard from them yet. Im sad this is a scam…

  9. I ordered two brush sets on April 12th…haven’t gotten anything, it’s been over a month. I guess when the price seems too good to be true, it is 🙁 . I have a feeling my money is gone and there will be no brushes. Bummer.

  10. I ordered 3 sets of brushes on 4/13 and emailed them several times for the status. The first few were responded to that my order shipped. They gave me an order number and a USPS tracking number and the tracking number is bogus. I looked up my order number on the website and it says my package should be delivered by 5/8 and still nothing. Now that I’ve been asking for a refund, they won’t respond. Don’t recommend to use this company!!

  11. I reported them to the state; the brushes are horrible; it feels like a play set of brushes you would buy for a 5 year old girl who is pretending to wear make up.

  12. I put in an order for 3 sets of brushes April 23rd. I am just now getting a tracking number after emailing them multiple times about my order.

  13. This is a scam I ordered brushes 2 months ago sent numerous emails and no response. I disputed the transaction with my bank & that is when I received an email back from them with a USPS tracking number that didn’t exist!

  14. I ordered from KayceeBeauty on April 17th. Three brush sets. Their web site gave me no information regarding the shipment. I have emailed them several times only to get canned answers. I finally was given a tracking number on April 29th. The number showed the label had been created, nothing more. It took a further five days for it to show anything other than that. Their web site STILL shows that I should get delivery by May 11th… it’s the 19th. According to a tracking web site, it hasn’t even made it to customs in China. If I don’t have this package by May 23rd, I’ll be calling my bank and asking them to dispute the charges. If I wanted to wait two months for delivery, I’d have ordered from Aliexpress.

  15. I have ordered from this website over a month ago I truly believe this is a scam!!!! They stop responding to my emails & the tracking number that was provided isn’t a legit number! I am pissed! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!

  16. Ordered a month ago. Still waiting for my brushes. From the other comments here I’m not alone. Did not receive email with tracking #, nor did I receive an update. Waiting to see if they respond to my inquiry. But I guess I will be waiting for nothing.

  17. I also ordered mine about a month ago and have yet to here from them. I emailed them after my order was delayed twice and no response. I’ve faced the fact that I’ve been got.

    1. I ordered 4 sets of brushes in May. Nothing recieved and tracking order shows coming from China even though they are in USA but this has not been updated since May. I got an email to say had a rush of orders so there was not enough supply of brushes. Why take my money if they didn’t have the brushes. Says I would get them 10th June- very angry and frustrated. I may accept i was scammed and I will definitely not be using this company again.

  18. Piece of TRASH “company”!!!!! It’s been 60 days no brushes nor do i even want them anymore. Disputing with my bank and filed a report with Better Business Bureau and I advise everyone to do the same

  19. This is a scam website, I ordered 4 sets on April 24, 2020. I checked on line a couple of days after and it said shipped expected date April 24,2020 to May 6, 2020. Well package was never delivered but the date was changed to delivery dates from May 6, 2020 to May 15. Still nothing. I emailed them and got a fake Tracking number. They have been reported to the BBB and will continue to find places to report them.

  20. I ordered 3 brush sets on April 14th and emailed them twice. I also emailed the info@mymakeupbrushset.com and got an email from my email server saying the recipient didn’t accept my email and placed it as spam. I honestly don’t know what to do at this point but try to email them daily and see if I get a response. Horrible company never again I swear! I need my money back I can’t believe I haven’t gotten anything after a month and a half of waiting

  21. Same issues, on April 14th 2020 I ordered four sets of brushes. It is June 1st and I have still yet to receive anything but the same generic email over and over saying “your brushes are on the way” with a tracking code telling my nothing more than they are in China. So disappointed I didn’t read these reviews before ordering. Complete trash.

  22. SCAM….DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. Tracking number didn’t work, no response from numerous emails. My order hasn’t arrived and it’s been over 2 months.

  23. This website is totally scam .. I ordered a month ago but still not receive anything from them.. I emailed so many times but they not give me amy response.. shitty people

  24. This website is totally scam .. I ordered a month ago but still not receive anything from them.. I emailed so many times but they not give me amy response.. shitty people

  25. I ordered about a month and a half ago. I understood a delay due to everything going on. But now its total BS!!! Their website tracking info says it got delivered but no package in site! I’ve been emailing them for the past two days and I’ve gotten nothing back. We’ve got to shut this place down!

  26. After over 2 months of waiting for my brushes I finally got them and most were broken they’re so cheaply made I’m so mad I’m trying to get a refund but no answer

  27. I’ve been mailing them continuely too finally got a tracking number. Doubt it’s legit though! It’s from China and now I’ve actually sadly seen these brushes are actually on Wish! It’s not her own brand just cheap rubbish! Guess it’s a lesson learned! Pity people are taking advantage of people in these shitty times though!

  28. Ordered from this company 2 months ago and when I emailed them they sent me a tracking number which is invalid if I may add. Finally I checked on the 17track.net site that they sent me with the tracking number and it says it got delivered to a different address in Santa ana I don’t even live in orange county. This is a total scam the sad part is they say its delivered by the usps but when I called to do a claim USPS said they didn’t even have anything nor that was a valid tracking number. I’m very pissed off!!!!

  29. I also ordered back in April from this company and have not received my order and have tried contacting them to no avail. I have reported them to the econsumer.gov website and I suggest everyone else do it too so this website will get shut down.

  30. To Whomsoever it may concern,

    These brush people (Kaycee Beauty) are processing people’s orders and not shipping those cheapo brushes.
    My business who has been around long and works ethically keeps getting bombarded with 1 star reviews because these clowns cannot get their act together.

    Most sane people back off, and the idiots linger around.

    Since you are putting them on your platform, might as well take a look at things at your end. I am sure as a legitimate media outlet, you guys want to protect your reputation.

    Sitejabber: I had about 20 1-star reviews till I got the developers attention, I have a meeting with them after 24 hours, after that I will be deleting my profile here for less stress and non battery to my business.

    So In case, any people out there order from these brush people and they do not ship them, please consult this space here, with your reivews, thoughts and complaints for tracking numbers and refund.

  31. Ordered 8th May and have still not received. Fake tracking number provided and ignoring my contact. I live in the UK and if you have paid via PayPal or credit card you can claim the money back through them. I didn’t do this but it might be a useful tip for someone looking to get their money back.

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