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Keepskick com Reviews (Nov 2022) Is The site Legit!

Keepskick com Reviews (Sep 2022) Is The site Legit! >> An online shoe seller brings top branded replica shoes and sneakers at a cheap rate. But, how can we trust the site? Please read the above and verify.

If you are struggling to find some stylish branded shoes, you must visit Keepskick com, which brings a number of world-popular brands’ shoes at a cheaper rate.

Today, we will discuss this new online shoe retailer that is on the way to gaining United States shoppers’ attention. However, since there is much fraudulent activity online, you ought to examine the website first before concluding anything.

This ‘Keepskick com Reviews‘ will help you out a lot with handsome unbiased information. Please read the rests-

What is Keepskick com?

Keepskick com approaches people around the globe, especially the major countries like the United States, with its large collections of replica sneakers of renowned brands. On its webpage, the authority has showcased replica products of some world’s top brands like Nike, Adidas, Off White, Gucci, DR., Yeezy, Air Jordon, Prada, Chanel, Balenciaga, and much more. Plus, it sells key holders, belts, bags, and boxes.

Each shoe has several pictures that are taken from different angles. Plus, there is a clear-cut size chart to help consumers choose their size. Is Keepskick com Legit? We will verify it in the rest parts-

Interestingly, products lack description and features, so there is no chance to know the manufacturing material, caring process, etc. 


  • Product Sells: It sells replica shoes and sneakers of various brands.
  • URL: https://www.keepskick.com/
  • Address: It does not include corporate address.
  • Shipping Details: The worldwide delivery process takes about 14 days.
  • Email Address: keepskick@gmail.com
  • Delivery Charges: Shipping charges is 20 USD.
  • Contact Number: +85265233809
  • Replacement Process: Yes, it can be accessed. It takes two days after return.
  • Cancellation Availability: Available but conditions are there.
  • Return Procedure: People need to return within one week.
  • Reviews: Keepskick com Reviews exist.
  • Refund Process: Refund is done between 24-48 hours.
  • Payout System: PayPal, Transfer Wise, Zelle, Western Union.


  • It brings lots of the latest replica shoe collections.
  • Top branded replica sneakers are purchasable at a very cheap rate.
  • Worldwide delivery is available.
  • Several payment systems are available.
  • Instagram account is valid.
  • Several videos can be seen on leading social media.


  • The Trust index result is unsatisfactory.
  • It hasn’t reached the target audiences.
  • The owner’s name is absent.
  • The given content is entirely copied.
  • The address is not included.
  • Returnable costs are not refundable.
  • Product information is not precise. 

Is Keepskick com Legit?

It seems the site is perfect for any shoe lover; however, is the replica shoes are worthy of spending money? You will get a clear knowledge about it-

  • Brand Age: Keepskick com had been launched ten months before, on 1st July 2020.
  • Copied Picture: No, the pictures are original.
  • Popularity: It seems unpopular. 
  • Address Legality: Due to the absence of address details, the legitimacy cannot be checked.
  • Promotion: It only has an Instagram account.
  • Trust Score: Dreadful, showing 1% only.
  • Plagiarized Content: The content is 100% copied from various online portals.
  • Payout Modes: Multiple choices have been given.
  • Registration Details: Domain name is keepskick.com
  • Reviews: Mixed Keepskick com Reviews are available.
  • Missing Policy (If any): Owner information, Address.
  • Broken Link: The email ID is non-clickable.
  • Operated By: No name is given.

Due to lots of unmatched criteria, those are vital to gain customer satisfaction; we can judge it as a suspicious site.

Customers’ Opinion about Keepskick com:

As an online retailer, it should possess a ‘Review’ section, but in this case, it is missing; therefore, no comments have been seen on Keepskick com. While searching comments on the internet, we observed some Youtube videos those show about the site, its products and all. 

The Instagram account has 1006 followers and 86 posts. There in the Keepskick com Reviews section, people reacted positively, mentioning they love the site’s collection. However, on Trustpilot, it hasn’t earned single comments and ratings. Have you experienced any scams related to PayPal? Please check out these details for the PayPal scam.

Final Verdict:

Keepskick com brings alluring deals of top branded replica sneakers; however, many things are required to mention. The trust index is bad, and the popularity is too low. After existing on the e-com market, it has only 1K followers. 

Plus, several details are missing, and the reviews are not adequate. So, research is needed to check Keepskick com Reviews as we can’t conclude it as the legit site. Click here and beware of Credit Card Scam if you have gone through this. 

What are your opinions? Kindly write below.

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