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Kemper Durand Memphis {Sep} Discover The Related Case!

Read here to know why Kemper Durand Memphis is again in the news and how he died. Read the full post to know the information.

Do you know who Kemper Durand was? Have you heard the news of his unusual death back in 2013? Want to know why this incident is again in the news?

People in the United States are in shock after hearing the missing news of a kindergarten teacher. Everyone wants to know if Eliza Fletcher is safe or if something happened to her. All eyes on police enquiry. Let us read Kemper Durand Memphis news to know every detail on this.

Why is Kemper Durand in the news?

It was 2000 when Durand was in the news because a gunman tried to capture him. He was forcibly taken to the store by a gunman and asked to use his ATM card. However, when he yelled for help after seeing the armed officer, the suspect fled at that time. But later, in 2000, the accused Cleotha Abston was arrested for the charge of abducting attorney Durand in Memphis, Tennessee.

Again in 2022, according to an online news report, the same man was arrested for the especially aggravated kidnapping charge.

What Is Especially Aggravated Kidnapping?

Kidnapping in Tennessee is a severe crime defined in Tennessee Code Title 39, Chapter 13 Section 39-13-303. And Especially Aggravated Kidnapping is defined in Tennessee Code Title 39, Chapter 13 Section 39-13-305. According to it, if abducting is:

  • achieved using a deadly weapon or victim believed it is a deadly weapon;
  • done when a victim is under 13;
  • done for ransom or shield or hostage;
  • or where the victim suffers serious injury;

Then it is under the category of Especially Aggravated Kidnapping. In such a case, the act is punishable, including 15-60 years of imprisonment.

In the case of Kemper Durand Memphisaccused Cleotha Abston, who was charged with abducting, served 20 years of jail and was released in July 2020.

What is the new case on Abston?

According to recent news, Abston was arrested on Saturday in charge of tampering with evidence and especially aggravated kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher. Eliza, who is a mother of two and a teacher, has been missing since Friday when she went jogging and has not returned. Following the report from her husband, police started an enquiry and found a man forcefully taking her in SUV. A few surveillances footage helped police identify Abston.

How did Kemper Durand Memphis die?

Kemper Bartlett Durand, an exemplary lawyer, died on February 2013. He was recovering from flu, and he suddenly left this world on one Saturday. He died in a chair by the fireplace at home- as described by one of his sons.

Durand was a scholar and was believed as a glue that held the community together. He contributed his body for medical research.

Please note that whatever information we provide here is from online sources, and we are not claiming on anyone.


Kemper Durand Memphis attorney, whom Abston abduct in 2000, is again arrested in charge of Especially aggravated kidnaping of a mother, Eliza Fletcher. She is still missing, and the enquiry is heading towards Abston’s brother, who is also a prime suspect in this case. If you want to know about the memorial of Kemper Durand, click here.

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