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Kidsvoteforpresident com Nickelodeon (Nov) Kids Vote!

Kidsvoteforpresident com Nickelodeon (Nov) Kids Vote! >> This article tells you about a recent incident with the presidential poll held by Nickelodeon for kids.

Kidsvoteforpresident com Nickelodeon is the poll conducted by Nickelodeon before every presidential election. It allows kids to voice their opinion about who should be elected the new President of the country. This poll has been in existence for quite a while and has achieved a significant amount of success in participating and generating correct results.

The Kids Vote for President poll this year found itself under the spotlight and controversy after it being hacked to cast fake votes. If you’re interested in obtaining more information about this poll and the incident in the United States, kindly keep reading.

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What is the Kids Vote for President?

It’s the poll conducted by Nickelodeon where kids answer who’ll win the presidential elections. Some sources tell us that kids have managed to make a correct answer six times out of the past eight presidential elections. 

The user participation is also considered in the United States.

Highlights of the Event 

Some of the significant highlights of Kidsvoteforpresident com Nickelodeon are given below. Please take a look at them to find out what happened in this event.

  • Nickelodeon recently organized a poll through its channel; Kids Pick The President.
  • In this poll, kids are asked to answer who they think should be the presidential election winner.
  • Nickelodeon has been conducting this poll for the past three decades.
  • Nickelodeon claims that it wants the voice of children to be heard.
  • However, this quiz came under controversy after it was hacked.
  • Adults and Trump supporters flooded this poll meant for kids.
  • Nickelodeon claims that bots attacked the system.
  • It claims that the bots managed to generate about 130,000 fake votes.
  • This poll has never faced any similar situation in the past since its inception in 1988.
  • According to sources, the hackers were spotted conversing online on the forums of 4chan.

Customer Reviews

The reception of the Kidsvoteforpresident com Nickelodeon is positive. Some users claim that it’s a good step by Nickelodeon to raise political awareness among children to gain more knowledge at a younger age. 

The hacking of this year’s poll was a subject of a lot of discussions. The users weren’t pleased with the hack and called the supporters of Trump responsible for this act.

Final Verdict

The poll conducted by Nickelodeon before every presidential election was also held this time. For the first time since it was beginning in 1988, Kidsvoteforpresident com Nickelodeon was hacked and spammed by bots that made thousands of false votes. 

As sources reveal, to give the poll results, they had to put in a considerable amount of additional effort to separate the authentic voices from the fake ones. Joe Biden was announced to be the winner who beat Donald Trump by a close but significant margin despite the hack. The hack is said to be carried out by some users of the online forum, 4chan. 

Let us know what you think about this hack and the poll by Nickelodeon, Kids Vote for President, in the comments part below.

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