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Kings Court Yugioh (June) All About Trading Card Game!

Kings Court Yugioh (June) All About Trading Card Game! >> Please read here more about exciting game features and new updates available.

How do you like a game of cards? In this world of online gaming platforms and websites, card games seem like a part of old-world charm. It brings such a wave of nostalgia to everyone Worldwide to remember the days when we all collected cards and played them with a group of friends. 

The little souvenirs of childhood may have been lost now for most people. However, it is not completely wiped out. Thanks to Kings Court Yugiohnow you can brush up your nostalgia and engage in some fun off-screen time with your friends.  Hence, let’s get to know it better. 

About the Franchise 

The Kings Court is a part of a trading card game of Yugioh. It is a booster set, and in this, new cards are launched in three to four months of gap. 

The specialty of the cards is that they can be bought from any general or departmental stores. Konami manufactures this game Worldwide, and according to the reports, it is said to be the all-time best card game mentioned in Guinness World Records. 

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, the Kings Court Yugioh release date got delayed from 24 June 2021 to 8 July 2021. 

The Cards in the Pack

The game has a total of 7 cards; however, the set contains 62 cards. The set involves 10 Ultra rare cards, 15 super rare cards and 37 rare cards. Other than that, there is a bonus of 15 collector’s rare cards. The card types are easy to identify due to its peculiar appearance. 

For Ultra rare cards, the card name is written in gold and has a holofoil image. In Japan, the card name could be in red. As its name suggests, a super-rare card in Kings Court Yugioh is rare to find and has a non-foil card name with a foil card image. 

The rare cards have its name written in silver and having no holofoil image. The most difficult to find the card is the collector’s rare card, and it is the most beautiful card with a rainbow-colored reflective pattern.

Name of Some Cards

The game has several new features, such as Three Musketeers of Face Cards with regenerated King’s, Queen’s and Jack’s Knight. 

The game also has Joker’s Knight with an additional 1 Spell and 1 Trap card that will allow the player to have the upper hand in the end game of Kings Court Yugioh. These are some of the updates. Other than that, some cards in the game are:

  • Arcana Triumph Joker: Card gains 500 ATK x the combined number of cards in both players’ hands. 
  • Imperial Bower: This card could be used once per turn. 
  • Face Card Fusion: This card could be used once only. 
  • Thunderspeed Summon: This card can be used during the battles phase of the game. 
  • Magnet Induction: This card allows you to make your monster indestructible while playing, and the opponent’s card can’t destroy your monster. 

Conclusion of Kings Court Yugioh

From the information presented, the game looks interesting, and the updates awaiting the players are exciting. However, a few more days of wait is necessary to get hold of the cards in the market due to the current pandemic situation. Read to know the interesting array of the Kings Court Game.

Have you ever played the trading card game of Yugioh? Please share your experience so far in the comments section below.

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