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Kingsland Go Kart Reviews (Jan 2022) Is It A Legit Product?

Please read this article to learn about the Kingsland Go Kart Reviews, the price, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages about an electric go-kart.

Do you want your children to indulge in outdoor activities? Are you looking for an ideal gift for your grandkid? Have you explored the electric go-karts available online? Do you want complete information about the latest technology go-kart? Then, please read on and get all details. 

In today’s composition, we have covered details about an electric go-kart vehicle that is gradually gaining popularity among shoppers worldwide, especially in the United States. Thus, please read this write-up to know more about the Kingsland Go Kart Reviews.

What is Kingsland Go Kart?

Kingsland Go Kart is an electric go-kart vehicle that one can run by charging the power supply. The users can experience real driving with the adjustable steering wheel and frame. The equipment comes with Bluetooth speakers for children to enjoy their go-karting time. 


Please find below the manufacturing features of the subject product. 

  • Product Full Name – Electric Go Kart Pro
  • Price – $89.99
  • Weight – 102.9 pounds
  • Power – 150cc
  • Battery Capacity – 432 Wh
  • Speaker Power – 4X8W
  • Highest Speed – 23 mph (This is an important point regarding the Kingsland Go Kart Reviews.)
  • Driving Modes (with maximum speeds) – Safety (4.97 mph), Regular (11.2 mph), Sports (17.4 mph), Race (23mph)
  • Carrying Capacity – 260 pounds
  • Range – 15.5 miles
  • Type of Battery – Air cooled
  • Number of Ducts in Battery – Four
  • Range of Riders’ Heights – 4’5” to 6’5”
  • Engine Sounds Imitated – V12, V8, double and single cylinders.


We have mentioned here the positive facets of this electric go-kart vehicle.

  • The acceleration of the device matches the actual go-karting and racing experience.
  • The device is robust and can hold up to 260 pounds body weight of the users. Concerning the Kingsland Go Kart Reviews, this is a vital point to consider. 
  • The Bluetooth speakers render the proper distribution of acoustics.
  • Users can choose between different driving modes like racing and safety.


We found some points not quite approving about this product. Therefore, please find the disadvantages of purchasing this device. 

  • As the maximum speed is 23mph, it may cause sudden accidents to children if run without adult supervision. 
  • As the product runs via a battery-run power supply, sudden stopping or starting of the vehicle can occur, which is a risky matter. This fact can influence your opinions about the Kingsland Go Kart Reviews.
  • The device imitates real racing, and thus, children may get addicted to it, leaving the tasks of their daily routine. 

Is Kingsland Go Kart Legit?

If you want to buy this product for sports activity indoors or outdoors, it will be helpful if you learn about the legitimacy of this brand in the first place. We have researched details about its brand and mentioned the particulars below. 

  • Brand Name – Kingsland
  • Brand Age – 20 days only, as the website creation date is 10-11-2021. This point will reaffirm your queries about the Kingsland Go Kart Reviews.
  • Brand Trust Score – 1%, which falls under the category of a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Rank in Alexa – There is no ranking for the brand’s website on Alexa’s database.
  • Customer Reviews – The brand’s portal does not have any separate section where customers can post their reviews.
  • Social Media Linking – The brand’s official website does not have connections to social media platforms.
  • Contact Information – The address provides on the brand’s website pertains to other offline stores as per the maps on the Web. 

The above points raise doubts about the brand’s authenticity. However, as it is newly launched, we cannot declare if the brand is legit or not. 

Kingsland Go Kart Reviews

We could not find any information about this product on major review platforms like Amazon, Reddit, Quora, or Trustpilot. Moreover, there is no information about any other product of this brand. This may be because the brand is newly launched, and buyers have not yet trusted it due to its newness. Also, the developers have not provided any section for posting customer reviews on the official portal, so there is no scope to get details from there as well.


As per our researched facts about this product and the absence of Kingsland Go Kart Reviews, we suggest you not purchase this device currently. Furthermore, please know How to Check Legitimacy of Products before exploring the portal. You may also like to learn about go-karts  and their working. 

What are your views about this product? Please share below. 

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