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Kobot Vacuum Reviews {Nov} First Read-Buy Legit Product!

Kobot Vacuum Reviews {Nov} First Read-Buy Legit Product! >> A product review, which is a vacuum robot, read whole article to know more about the features.

Can’t reach to clean below your bed and sofa? Almost broke your back while doing it? If yes, then we might have something for you. Cleaning is a tough job for the people of Canada and other countries, but cleaning the areas you have your heavy furniture, and stuff can be the ultimate task.

Don’t worry, here Kobot Vacuum Reviews will ease all your problems where cleaning is considered. Today, you can rest to all those useless mops you might have collected over the years.

No, you don’t need a vacuum, something much better, a robot that will help you clean without your assistance. Kobot slim series robot vacuum Gunmetal is all you need; this product will finish your left out work. It is available in the United States. 

Let’s move ahead with some more details.

What is Kobot’s Gunmetal?

Kobot is a manufacturer that develops smart home appliances specialized in cleaningKobot Slim Series Robot Vacuum reveals that Kobot doesn’t manufacture the regular vacuums; they created a robot that will do all the work for you. You have to schedule the robot, and it works on its own, coming back to the initial starting point. 

The robot works on battery and needs to be charged with one-hour battery life having attachable mop pads for wet and dry cleaning, more details in the specifications category. It is available online on various shopping sites.

Specification of the product

  • The product dimensions are 11.61*2.83*11.61 inches and weigh 5.25 pounds.
  • The product price varies on different websites starting from $ 80 to $ 119.99.
  • There is space for Kobot Vacuum Reviews.
  • The slim design not only makes it attractive but also easier to clean. 
  • The product comes with accessories like a charging dock, dustbin, side brushes, power adapter, 3M filter, roller brush, battery pack, and a mop pad.
  • The product is shipped in the United States, excluding Canada.
  • The product has a year warranty, and returns depend on the retailer websites.
  • The product can be scheduled daily.
  • Battery life is 60 minutes.
  • The robot has a double cleaning feature.
  • The product can-do wet as well as dry cleaning.

Pros of buying

  • Affordable price tag.
  • Kobot Slim Series Robot Vacuum reveals that the scheduling feature is a plus point.
  • Easy to program.
  • The product makes less sound.

Cons of buying

  • Not available in certain regions.
  • Battery life is too less.
  • Warranty is not guaranteed.

Is the product legit or not?

The manufacturer is in this business for the long run, making products with very much needed features. Talking about the product’s legitimacy, well, yes, it is legit; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been listed on various reputed shopping websites like target.com. Kobot Vacuum Reviews discovers that there are yet more products to be launched by kobot.

Kobot has no social media presence and are not active on any social media platforms making a negative check-point. But there are reviews online as well as on the shopping sites. The product has a mix of negative reviews as well as favourable reviews. 

What are people saying about the product?

The online retail websites are full of reviews from the buyers, and they have lots to say; well, some are quite disappointed. The product falls on a bit cheaper side than other vacuums that question how long the robot will even work. Many buyers have complaints about the life of the product. 

Kobot Slim Series Robot Vacuum mentions that it is said that the product is up to mark when it comes to its features, but the product breaks down quite soon. Most consumers buy products hoping for the long run. If the product breaks way too soon, it’s just a waste of money and time.


We can conclude that the product is 100% legit, no doubts there, but there are only quality issues. The features are new, and the design is also eye-catching. It’s a robot that works on its own while you do your chores. And cleaning down the heavy furniture and bed is done without you sweating.

So for Kobot Vacuum Reviews we would only suggest that the product is approachable. Still, life can be compromised; if you are okay with this, then go for it, but before buying, do proper research and be available in your region.

Please comment on your views about this product in the comment section below.  

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