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Konosuba Error 80001 (Aug 2021) Check The Solution Here!

Konosuba Error 80001 (Aug 2021) Check The Solution Here! >> If you are looking to resolve the major error faced by several people then read this article till the end to get the solution.

Are you getting an error in Konosuba’s fantastic days? We will let you know how to resolve this error in this article today. 

This game has soon taken this world by storm, and people from all around the world & Indonesia have pre-registered to enjoy this new game.

 However, although the developers and publishers have taken every step to make it grand, numerous bugs, glitches, and errors need to be resolved quickly as the registered gamers are not enjoying these errors. So stay with us in this Konosuba Error 80001 is here to give you an error-free experience of this game. 

What is the error all about? 

The Konosuba fantastic days was released on 19th August, and it is said to be one of the most awaited RPG games right now, and it also got one million plus pre-registrations before its official release. 

As per our study and multiple reports on the internet, multiple errors and glitches irritate gamers, but this article talks about the error 80001, i.e. about timed out. If you are also the one who is going through this struggle while starting Konosuba fantastic days on your mobile, then do not get irritated; everyone is facing the Konosuba Error 80001. This article will help you in getting an error-free experience with this new RPG game. 

What is a Konosuba Fantastic day?

This konosuba fantastic day is the newest RPG game published by Nexon, and it is an RPG game from the anime Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o. This online RPG game holds the gacha and card game things; although the battle will be automatic, it will be in real-time only.

Gamers started pouring their frustration over the play store’s comment box, and some wrote that they could not enter the game, while others say they have a white screen after launching the game on their phones.

How to fix Konosuba Error 80001?

As we had mentioned earlier above that this game had millions of pre-registration before it got launched. After getting on the floor when gamers want to launch this game on their smart phones, they face this error before entering. 

So let us tell you the simple hack to resolve this error; all you have to do is you have to switch your connection from WIFI to Mobile data, and boom – the issue is resolved. Yes, it is this easy as we have done this ourselves and successfully resolved the issue, and entered the game before anyone else could. Read this Konosuba Error 80001 to know more.

Before concluding this news, let us ask you have heard about this error before or not? If yes, then how was your experience regarding this issue? As far as our study says, millions of gamers had pre-registered for this game. 

Final verdict 

Therefore, let us tell our readers that the developers of Konosuba fantastic days have acknowledged this issue, and they will soon resolve this error. 

Although, until now, no such official solution has come from the developer’s end to resolve Konosuba Error 80001, we want to request our readers to read this article and make their way towards launching this game on their smartphones. 

Do comment your opinion upon this error and let the world read your opinion. 

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2 thoughts on “Konosuba Error 80001 (Aug 2021) Check The Solution Here!

  1. I guess Mobile data user has to wait for official solution… We don’t have a wifi to begin with… Sad life for us.

    1. Hello Noien! Thank you for sparing time to share your concern here. Hope your query is being resolved and you have got the solution. Thank You! Have a Happy Day!

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