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kosazu.com Reviews [May 2021] Is It Legit or a Hoax!

kosazu.com reviews [May 2021] Is It Legit or a Hoax! >> Buying the best footwear matching video for your outfit is a great option. But make sure you read our review post and then buy anything from here.

Do you think our footwear plays an important part in describing our personality? If so, you must keep on searching for different websites to shop for the best footwear for yourself. 

To Have the most eye-catching personality, we must be wearing unique outfits and footwear, so in today’s website review, we are talking about the website that has unique footwear, and folks from Canada are looking forward to knowing more about it.

Now let us get information about Kosazu.com Reviews in the following unbiased website review.

What is Kosazu.com?

This is a website that deals with the latest footwear, which are eye-catching and good. Today is the era of competition in which one needs to be the most unique and perfect to survive. So this website brings footwear that I have not been seen anywhere else; most of the products of this website are generally for women. There are the endless number of varieties of footwear that everyone would like to buy in the first look.

For more information about this website, we will check Kosazu.com Reviews.


Everyone has the right to know the specifications about the website they are going to use, and nobody can stop them from doing so.

  • Type of website – this website tends to deal with footwear that are sold online.
  • Shipping time – The products will be received within 2 to 7 business days.
  • Mailing address – support @kosazu.com
  • Return policy – The return will be excepted After 15 days of delivery.
  • Refund policy – as soon as the product reaches the warehouse, the payment will be refunded within three to five business days.
  • payment option – Google pay, PayPal, AMEX, and many more.

All the information is gathered on behalf of Kosazu.com Reviews. If you have faced any kind of fraud through Credit Card, then read here.

Pros of Kosazu.com

It is the right of the customer to know about the pros of any website.

  • The website is SSL certified and is registered under the xolphin certification.
  • All the products of this website are being sold online.
  • The payment option used by this website helps the customer to get its money back.

Cons of Kosazu.com

To know about the defects of a website, we must check the Kosazu.com Reviews.

  • The owner of this website is hiding his identity.
  • The website has a very less domain age.
  • The server of this website has been similar to the websites that are fraudulent.
  • An internal website review system is used by this website to generate fake customer reviews.
  • All the products of this website have been scored five stars which is not possible.
  • A website is displaying all positive customer reviews on each false product.

Is Kosazu.com trustworthy?

To know about the legitimacy of this website, we must check the Kosazu.com Reviews.

  • The name of the website is very much unique; no such website has the same or similar domain name.
  • The domain age of this website is very less. The website was formed on 9 November 2020.
  • There are not many followers or viewers for this website.
  • According to the scam detector, the website has only got 22.8 points out of a hundred, which tells us that this website is a scam.
  • Total 40 different locations which are used for giving the customer reviews to this website which tells us that this website is a scam.

Kosazu.com Reviews

While looking for the customer reviews for this website, we were able to find plenty of customer reviews but only India’s official website. Also, every customer has given five-star to all the products, which is quite impossible. However, we did not found customer reviews on a trusted website which makes us doubtful about this site.

You are not requested to buy anything from this doubtful-looking site.


In the end, we conclude after reading the Kosazu.com Reviews that this website is a scam and we must not trust this website or rather than this we must go to another website that is trustworthy and with genuine customer reviews. If you have already placed your order using PayPal and not received your product, you can get your refund by reading here.

Which website is basically your favorite when it comes to buying footwear? Do tell us in the comment section below.


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