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[Full Watch Video Link] Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter: Explore Full Content On Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter to learn why the topic is trending after 1+ years of the incident.

Did you know that the incident of Kuaron’s death dates back to 25th/March/2022? The incident was shocking as two kids were dead on the spot. Would you like to know what happened to Kuaron Harvey? Who had killed the kids? What was the initial response by the police and family? 

Why is the incident trending Worldwide after almost 1-year and 2-months? We bring you all the facts in this Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter.

Source: dodbuzz.com

Content of Kuaron Harvey video:

It was a day of celebration for a family living at the 1000 block of Spruce Street, downtown St. Louis. It was the birthday of one of the young family members. Paris Harvey was a 12-years old girl. Her cousin, Kuaron Harvey, was 14-years old. Mrs. Harvey said that Kuaron was the son of her brother. Mrs Harvey had permitted her daughter, Paris, to visit her cousin’s house to celebrate a birthday. 

In the early morning of 25th/March/2022 at 02:09 AM, Paris and Kuaron went live on Instagram. On Twitter, there were nine posts related to Kuaron’s video. Paris got hold of a pistol. The pistol was a little heavy to be handled by Paris with one hand. However, she was able to hold it. The pistol was a semi-automatic firearm with a round magazine loader. While Paris was live on Instagram, Kuaron appeared in the middle of the video wearing a hoody and covering his face. 

It was a low-lighted room, and the face of Kuaron was not visible. However, viewers can see Paris wearing a light yellow coloured kid’s casual dress. Viral On Reddit, one post related to Kuaron’s video was present. Paris points the gun behind the right ear of Kuaron. The pistol was not locked, and Paris accidentally triggered the pistol! There was a huge sound. While Paris was shocked to hear the sound, the bullet hit Kuaron, and he fell to the ground.

Paris was still in shock for a second unable to believe that she had shot her cousin Kuaron and he might be dead. Horrified, Paris falls to the ground and drops the gun. 

Why is the video trending oTiktok?

On TikTok, 56 posts related to Kuaron’s video were present. The video footage was unavailable/unrevealed online till 22nd/March/2023. Further, the police reached the apartment and found Paris and Kuaron dead. The police had classified that case as the murder of Kuaron by Paris and later suicide by Paris. But Paris’s parents did not believe that Paris had murdered Kuaron. 

Mrs Harvey said in an interview that they were a family, and to the best of her knowledge, the trigger went off accidentally, and Paris had no intention of murder. On Instagram, no posts related to Kuaron’s video were present. Mrs. Harvey thanked the media for supporting their family to bring out the truth amid all the rumours.

Details of Kuaron’s video:

As per the online sources and the information on social media, Kuaron’s video was 00:02:20 minutes long and 2.44 MB in size for a 360-pixel version. However, the video available on the internet with public access is only 00:00:19 seconds long and 338 KB in size for a 360-pixel version.

The video did not feature blood or the wounds of both kids as the video was taken approximately four feet above the ground as the kids were live on Instagram. On Youtube, there were eight reviews related to Kuaron’s video. The later part of the video showed Paris trembling with fear, taking the pistol, and killing herself. People who saw the video believed that Paris had taken the extreme step as she could not live with guilt (or) she was afraid of further consequences.

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The video of Paris and Kuaron Harvey’s death started circulating online on 22nd/May/2023. The oldest video was found on skSk2oak and KenZewTMwhite Twitter accounts which appeared 23-hrs ago/approximately at 1:00 AM, and provided an unauthentic third-party link of amktrends.com. At the same time, several websites reported information about another person named Kuaron, who is unrelated to the trending video.

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Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter – FAQ

1Q. Is the full 00:02:20 minute video available for importing and viewing?


2Q. Why did Kuaron’s video go viral?

Due to the accidental death of Kuaron and the response of innocent Paris, who shot herself.

3Q. Is there a Telegram group sharing the Kuaron’s video?

The presence of Kuaron’s video on Telegram was undetermined.

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