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Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test (Feb) About Most Buzzed News!

Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test (Feb) About Most Buzzed News! >> The write-up shares detail about the person whose name resembles a TB test. Please check the details now.

Suppose you are still unaware of the Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test case, thanks to Netflix for bringing the case into the limelight with their documentary series. The mystery and horror series is the most buzzed thing on the internet that showcases past decade crimes. 

Joe Berlinger directs the documentary series on Netflix, and it focuses on highlighting the mysterious vanishing of Elisa Lam, a Canadian tourist found dead in a hotel in Los Angeles. 

She was last seen in the elevator video, which was the last moment in the hotel. Viewers in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are enjoying the series.  

 What is the Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test or Theory?

According to the online theories, Elisa Lam is linked to the tuberculosis outbreak in Los Angeles in 2013, during the time of her death. Conspiracy experts have their own stories about what could have occurred to Elisa and what caused the mysterious death. 

Elisa’s most strange and exciting tale was linked to the tuberculosis outbreak with several theories and stories about Elisa’s death. Many people believe that she had the disease and it was the cause of her death. 

The detectives confirmed that she was the test subject for tuberculosis drugs, and she had some adverse effects of the test. Hence, people started recalling her with the name Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test

However, others believe that Elisa was the human biological weapon assigned in America to spread the TB disease. 

Is it True Elisa Had TB?

After evaluating online, we have found that many theories suggest that Elisa Lam and TB disease have some links. But, her final autopsy confirms something else. The report confirms that Lam was not having or suffering from tuberculosis at the time of her death.

Her body was found in the water tank of the hotel where she was staying. The autopsy report confirms that she died because of the unintentional drowning in the water tank. There is no confirmation regarding her relation with the deadly disease. There is no evidence for Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test.        

Is There Any Test Report of Elisa for TB Disease?

After evaluating online and multiple theories, we have not found any evidence to support conspiracy experts and people’s claims. It seems that it is another online therapy without any base. 

There is a tuberculosis test conducted to identify the fatal disease, and it bears the name of Elisa Lam. The test is named as Lam-Elisa Test, and it is the abbreviation of Lipoarabinomannan Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay. It is the test that is conducted in the laboratory to detect the fatal disease in patients. It has nothing to do with Canadian tourists and her mysterious death. 

Final Note

Elisa Lam was a Canadian tourist who came to Los Angeles for vacation. She is in the limelight because she was linked to Cecil Hotel’s history, where the incident occurred. Besides, her name resembles a TB test, and hence people confuse her with the Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Test

She has nothing to do with the TB test or the documentary series. Do you have any other information to add here? Please share it in the comments section.

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