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Lamerlook Com Reviews [April]: Is This Reliable Website?

Lamerlook Com Reviews [April]: Is This Reliable Website? >> One must rely only after having a proper amount of information about any ecommerce website. Get the answer of this question in this review post. Read now!

Is lamerlook.com a trustworthy website or not? Well, if you are curious to know about this website is legal or not, then you better read lamerlook com reviews. This is an online website selling multiple products at very reasonable prices. But people are not very much into getting such amazing products at this much little cost frequently. However, this is the case with almost all the online selling websites selling their useful products at cheaper rates making it look unreal. So, it is better to search for the legitimacy and reliability of the website before placing any kind of order.

Let’s get to know lamerlook a bit more.

What is lamerlook com?

Lamerlook.com is an online shopping website that basically deals in stylish tops, dresses, shoes, elegant accessories, comfy bottoms, and many more. Well, you can get unbelievable discount offers on various products. But getting a proper idea about the material of the stuff that you are going to order is necessary, and for that, you can see through lamerlook com reviews online to check for the quality of the products. 

Likewise, you should know the variety of products being sold at this website, including all the hot-selling products, including summer shoes, stylish yet adjustable wedge-heels, sneakers, women accessories, including beautifully crafted neckpieces, ultra-comfortable bottoms, and many other products.

Who’s this for?

This online shopping website has a huge collection of women products with the best utility. So, it can be called out to be specially designed for women and is totally women-centric. 

Furthermore, looking at the lamerlook com reviews, it is clear that this website is giving the best shipping offers with worldwide delivery, wherever you live. 

Benefits of lamerlook com

  • Each and every product of this website is highly useful for the customers.
  • The website has not been suspected of any kind of scams or faulted delivery.
  • Lamerlook provides delivery all over the world and promises to deliver your order within 14 working days.
  • Overall customer rating if this website is highly commendable.
  • The website doesn’t charge shipping fees for many countries.

Well, this website is not a newly launched shopping website as it already has a lot of customers who are fully satisfied with the services. Moreover, lamerlook com reviews clearly say that this website is reliable. But as they say, everything has its pros and cons, so as in this case, there can be seen a lot of complaints regarding the stuff online. However, online information can’t be trusted completely.


  • Lamerlook.com has a wide variety of useful products that any woman can use in her day-to-day life.
  • You can easily return your order if you are not satisfied with the product but only within 15 days.
  • The website offers a full refund at any return but the payment will get a refund via your original payment method within a week.

What are people saying about it?

Social media is an advanced and new way to promote products and increase sales. And one such method is promoting your business and specifically your products on Facebook. Well, looking at the lamerlook com reviews online on Facebook, around 75-80 % of the customers are fully satisfied with the services and the quality of the products. 

Furthermore, it will be a treat to look at some amazing comments like people tagging it to be the best place for buying women products and calling it the only trustworthy website.

Negative remarks for lamerlook.com

Each and everything in this whole world has some downsides, so as in the case of this shopping website. Lamerlook, too has some negative points which have been put forward with the help of lamerlook com reviews.  

Some users have complained regarding the shipping and delivery of their orders. Besides this, there has been seen a lot of differences in the product shown on the website and the product delivered. Let’s look at some other negative points about the website’s services-

  • The website doesn’t offer a return policy on any kind of.
  • The processing time of the orders is very complex i.e. it varies from product to product.
  • The website offers exchange offers for only those products which are available in stock.


After looking at all the reviews and comments, this website can be considered to be a legit and reliable website to purchase your favorite products and get exciting discount offers.

0 thoughts on “Lamerlook Com Reviews [April]: Is This Reliable Website?

  1. Do NOT order from LamerLook. It’s been 30 days since I ordered and the tracking info doesn’t work.

  2. Dont order from them order 200 dollars worth of clothes 43 days ago still have no clue where it is.

  3. Made the mistake of giving these scammers my money. Ordered approximately $130 worth of items 45 days ago. Nothing received!! Also, the “tracking info” they provided shows this when I hit the tracking link: “info unavailable. We can’t identify your number yet”. I’m infuriated!!

  4. I ordered an item 3 months ago..they keep sending me an invalid tracking #..
    do NOT order from Lamerlook..SCAM.

  5. I’ve never had a tracking number that works and I received only two of the three items. Last I heard from them was May 11.

  6. Alexis. I hope that they PAID you for writing this because it’s FULL of lies. Lol. I ordered 45 days ago and received invalid tracking info and NO CLOTHES.

  7. I have not yet received my products and I also can’t track them. I’ve sent several messages and have not received a response. I am starting to think this is a scam!

  8. DO NOT FALL FOR THE LAMERLOOK.COM WEBSITE! Ordered $98.00 worth of clothes, received emails that it was in route, but that was on April 1, 2020 and it is now June 9, 2020 and NOTHING. Can’t reach anyone because there is no number listed and emailed numerous times and no response! They are selling Snake-oil!

  9. I’m still waiting. Tracking says in California. That was one month ago. I should have already received.

  10. I ordered shirts 3 months ago and nothing has arrived at all! I tried emailing them and they are no help, told them I wanted my money back and they said they do not do that! Scammers

  11. Same. Part of my order has been sitting in California over a month. The other part hasn’t even shipped. Can’t get a hold of anyone. Have attempted to contacted them many, many times with no luck. $130 gone!! They are a scam!

  12. Lamerlook sells your bank information…
    CANCEL the card you paid with…
    these people need to be taken down!!

  13. Took me almost 3 months to get my order! Once I contacted them about it I had it in just one week! One of my items was printed and you couldn’t even read what it says! I’ve been emailing them for week to see if they’re going to replace it and they’ve quit answering emails! WOULDN’T RECOMMEND!!!

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