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Lapland UK Reviews (Feb 2021) Is This a Genuine Site?

Lapland UK Reviews (Feb 2021) Is This a Genuine Site? >> Read this review about a magical place designed to help you live in the Christmas stories of Father Christmas along with the elves.

Lapland UK Reviews: There is a lot of buzz going around in the United Kingdom about Lapland UK. Now, what exactly this Lapland UK is and where is it located?

This fairytale wonderland is located near Windsor and ascot, to the west of London. You might have heard many amazing things about this place as people are going crazy about it. They help you experience a real winter wonderland along with enchanted forests inhabited by elves. 

Go ahead with this article and know if this place is worth visiting and Is Lapland UK legit or not

All about Lapland UK

It is a lovely place, which can be seen as the original adaptation of Father Christmas’s story. Here, a secret world of elves is brought to life with various fun activities and stories. You will get to spend 4 hours of quality time, creating an unprecedented experience.

According to our research this place is magical, and everybody there is an elf. They also have an ice skating rink and workshop where children can make a snowman. Overall it is a place for everyone and especially for children.

It also allows you to show various items that offers books, stationaries and soft toys for kids.

Main features of Lapland UK 

  • As per Lapland UK Reviews it comprises of a personalized invitation, the enchanted forest, and the toy factory, mother Christmas’ kitchen, the elven village, and last but not the least final meeting with the Father Christmas himself.
  • A day trip to Lapland is of approximately 3.5 hours.
  • The first 90 minutes are spent in the enchanted forest, mother Christmas kitchen, and the toy factory.
  • You can return within 28 days and get your refund by 5 business days.
  • You can contact by dropping your mail on elfemporium@laplanduk.co.uk
  • You will get to live in an elven village and meet with the Father Christmas in the last 90 minutes.
  • As we have seen in many Lapland UK Reviews it is located at Whitmore Forest, Swinley Road, Berkshire, Ascot SL5 8BD.
  • Its distance from the Ascot station is approximately 1.5 miles, and it is the closest station which provides easy access from London.
  • The onsite car parking is free, while there is no parking for cycles.
  • The cost of visiting this place is $75 per person, which is high.
  • The booking window for this year will open on the 8th of February at midnight.
  • The bookings can only be made through their official website – laplanduk.co.uk.
  • It is a strictly nonsmoking area. 


  • It has an ice rink along with shops to eat around.
  • Lapland UK Reviews states that it has a toy factory, where children can make their toys, and you can also purchase them.
  • They provide you with a theatrical experience via elves telling their Christmas stories.
  • The website of Lapland UK has a valid HTTPS connection, which makes it a trustworthy platform.
  • The domain was created in 2007, and hence, it is more than ten years old, which is indeed a good sign.


  • The visit to Lapland is quite expensive.
  • Some visitors have complained about poor customer service.
  • The toys and other items in the shops are not worth the price.

Is Lapland UK Legit

While talking about the legitimacy of Lapland UK, we must consider its trust score. We found that it has a trust score of 80%. The social media pages of this website have also got tons of positive feedback. 

The domain age shows that it is genuine. Despite its high price, people are visiting Lapland in huge numbers. It shows that the visit is worth paying.

We can say that Lapland UK is legit. It will give you a lifetime experience of Christmas. And hence, we are giving them a green flag.

Lapland UK Reviews 

The internet is flooding with positive reviews about this place. It is even being compared with the magical lands like Narnia and Hogwarts. Though many of them find it way too expensive, they are willing to visit again and again. 

The beautiful and enchanted set attracts children as well as adults. Parents have claimed that visiting this land has been one of the best times spent with their children. People of the United Kingdom are also liking the food that they serve. 

After reading all the reviews, we understood that it could be a perfect Christmas gift for your children from your side.

Final Verdict

Lapland UK Reviews states that the website is 100% legit. All in all, Lapland UK is a mesmerizing place to visit. Many people have commented that one should see this place at least once. We think that it should be your own choice. We suggest you go by your budget as prices are high. 

However, this place is fascinating and magical. It gives your kids a real feel of being in a wonderland where they make their toys and decorate gingerbread. 

So, would you like to visit such an incredible place with your kids? Do tell us in the comment section below. If you have any query related to this you can write to us here.

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