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Last to Chat Scam (Jan 2021) Reveal Some Facts!

Last to Chat Scam (Jan 2021) Reveal Some Facts!   >> An app to earn money by merely commenting on a news article sounds fun, right? But is it safe to use? Read to learn more.

Do you know about the Last to Chat Scam? If not, then no problem because this article will provide you all the information about the app called Last2Chat. 

It seems to be a fantastic app because you can earn money by just following some simple steps. This United States-based app is not available in all countries. There are many exciting things about this app that you might want to try, but you must know its disadvantages before doing that.

Keep reading the article to equip yourself with all the information to stay safe.

What is the Last to Chat Scam?

We are talking about the Last2Chat app, United Statesbased and currently not available in all parts of the world. The company says, “Win the debate and win new friends.” 

The application is compatible with both Android and iOS versions of mobile phones. 

It provides its users with an extensive array of news, varying from entertainment to fashion. Users can promote their messages and debate with other users on news articles. Users can win prizes (money) when the set target is met. But you will need at least ten likes on your comment to qualify for the competition. 

On Last to Chat Scam, you can invite your friends to support you and vice-versa. The sections are divided on the app as News, Chat, and Contacts. Each news article comes with a countdown and targets along with the prize.

Some more details about the app:

  • The app was released on 29 March 2019.
  • It was last updated on 16 January 2021.
  • Last Labs Inc offers it.
  • You can mail your query to admin@last2chat.com It has 5,000+ downloads on Google Play Store.

What is last2chat.com?

We want to tell you that the company has their official website- last2chat.com, and the app can be downloaded from the same quickly. The website has a domain age of 2 years and nine months as it was registered in April 2018.

Customer Reviews:

Last to Chat Scam would like to inform you that the app has received a 3.5-star rating on Google Play Store. Mixed reviews have been received for it.

One user claimed that the website’s payouts for the earned money are done using PayPal. He also suggested the company ban shorter messages as they are unlikely to make more likes. People praised the app and also gave some suggestions.

However, some people also wrote that they receive spam messages to download this app. The app may seem old and useful but isn’t. they have also recommended not to download it.

Have you tried using this app? Is it available in your country? Tell us in the comment section.

Final Verdict:

Last to Chat Scam maybe and may not be accurate. The mixed reaction received for this app does not lead us to any conclusion.

We would say that you should not download this app even though you can earn money through it. But if you find the app completely safe after using it yourself, leave a comment to help others.

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