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Lastpass Free Alternative {Feb 2021} Secure Passwords!

Lastpass Free Alternative {Feb 2021} Secure Passwords! >> Get the information on a password manager company changing services from free to the paid version.

Are you a regular user of LastPass and now thinking of another option? Then you are at the right place. This article will suggest to you Lastpass Free Alternative, which are better and budget-friendly. 

LastPass is a password manager, and it was considered one of the best password management tools. It still is, but now people can no longer enjoy it for free. 

Users from the United States, Canada, and United Kingdomand the rest of the world were using LastPass for mobile phones and laptops. Now, the company has announced some changes. Let’s see what they are up to and other free apps. 

What is LastPass?

LastPass stores all the encrypted passwords online, and the users’ secure notes and other content are all protected via one master password. 

It has password recovery options, alerts you of weak passwords, and can share your passwords with others

Why choose Lastpass Free Alternative at this moment?

Till now, every user of LastPass was using it for free on all types of devices. But now, the company has announced some changes. From 16th March 2021, customers worldwide will have access to the services on all devices of one type. 

If you are using LastPass on computers, you can only have access to laptops and PCs; no mobile phone. If you are connecting smartphones, then tablets, smartwatches, android, or iPhone can be accessible. 

You will have three chances to opt for the active device type for you after 16th March. To get benefits for both types, upgrade to either Premium or Families package at $3 and $4 per month, respectively. 

What are the Lastpass Free Alternative options in the market?

After this news, users from countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdomare asking for replacement apps. Some options are listed here: 

  • Bitwarden: It’s an open-source password management service that users can access for free. You can have more benefits at $10 per year, including 1GB of encrypted file storage. 
  • KeePass: It is also a free, open-source password manager. It can be less convenient and supports macOS and Linux operating systems. 
  • Zoho Vault: It is one of Zoho’s apps whose free version permits users to have access to computers and phones, unlimited storage of passwords, two-factor verification, and many more. 
  • RoboForm: For personal and business purposes, its free version offers emergency access, form filling, and other features. 

There are many Lastpass Free Alternative services like NordPass, LogMeOnce, and 1Password that you can choose. 

Bottom Line 

Nowadays, when breaching security and privacy is prevalent, it has become mandatory to keep password managers in our devices. Many tools and apps provide free services, but later they switch to the paid version, just like LastPass. 

Users from 16th March 2021 can no longer enjoy services on both PCs and mobile phones without any cost. Either upgrade your plan to Premium or Families or stick to one device type. It will only affect the free users. 

All the customers will be informed via email notifications. So, start looking for Lastpass Free Alternative

What will be your best option? Share your choice of alternative with us in the comments. 

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