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Latitudepay Scam {July 2022} Read About It And Beware!

The post talks about Latitudepay Scam and elaborates further information about the app.

Did you come across a recent scam that is viral on the internet? Besides, there is a particular scam prevailing across Australia, bringing another app named Latitude Pay under the scanner.

However, how is Latitude Pay related to the scam? Is it a scam application, or is it legit, and why is it in the news currently? Thus to clear the air for any queries herein, we provide a detailed insight on what precisely Latitudepay Scam is and why it is in the news. Continue to read the below sections to know more details.

Is Latitudepay a Scam?

Over the last few days, many users have reported receiving a specific message from Afterpay in Australia, including the verification code. The message is a non-replayable SMS code from Afterpay. In addition, others have also received SMS with a link to invite a friend and get $30 off.

Furthermore, most users have highlighted it to be a scam and not to click on any links. However, users have confused Afterpay with Lattitude Pay, claiming it to be a scam. It is a finance app that allows easy instalment of EMIs through the application. In the further section, we will provide additional details about the same.

An overview of Latitudepay

  • LatitudePay is a finance app that was previously known as Octifi
  • It is now renamed LatitudePaySG
  • The latest version of the app was updated on 19 July 2022
  • As per research, the app is an alternate platform to play high credit card fees with 0% interest
  • Besides, the user needs to make the first payment, and the other will get deducted automatically

Latitudepay Scam – Is the app a Scam?

Users on the internet highlighted neither using Afterpay nor Latitudepay. However, they, too, are getting messages with verification codes. Thus we decided to check a few aspects of the app Latitudepay and its customer review.

The app is available on Google Playstore and has a 3.6-star rating. However, one customer stated the customer service was very poor and had to spend nearly an hour on the phone. On the other hand, another user speaks about the app taking too long to refund. Overall the app has received mixed reviews, including both positive and negative.

Besides, speaking about Latitudepay Contact, users highlight the poor customer care service who take too long to respond to the queries. In short, the app is legit, and we recommend users research from their end before using it.

Final Conclusion

It has to be noted that all the information listed here is taken from internet sources, and we hold no claim to any details. Besides, the scam is based on Afterpay, a similar finance app. However, it is not related to Latitudepay, and the latter is not a scam.

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