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Lattimore Missing Child {June 2022} What Is Actual Story

The below post discusses about the Lattimore Missing Child, who is presumed to be no more as his body is still not found.

Are you aware of the missing case of the child named Nylo Lattimore? This case has been grabbing the attention of many people since it happened in the year 2020. Nylo and his mother are said to be killed by DeSean Brown, the boyfriend of Nyteisha Lattimore, which is claimed as an act of revenge. 

But nothing is sure yet. The incident took place in the United States. We will get to know more about the incident and further updates on Lattimore Missing Child. And the motive is crime everything. Follow the blog to know more.

Table of Contents

What happened to nylo Lattimore and his mother?

The internet and media news revealed that the mother-son duo was killed by the child’s mother’s boyfriend, DeSean brown. According to the sources, Desean is the prime suspect in the case and a much messed up person. 

Afterwards, the court indicted him for being accused in the case in February. The mother of the boy Nytheisha Lattimore who was 29 years of age, the body was found drowned in the Ohio River.

Nylo Lattimore Missing Child Update

The search has been going on continuously, but until now, nothing has been found, and the three-year-old is presumed to be no more, as per the announcement by the court and police. Even though the boy’s body hasn’t been found, his blood and stroller were found in the river Ohioproved to be conclusive. 

According to the reports, the mother was stabbed when she was home on December 5 2020. He kept the body for days in her home before throwing it in the river in a bag. The rumour that said Nylo Lattimore Missing Child Found is false, but the child’s father has been pleading not to give up on him.

Further details about the case

According to the research, it is found that the person’s killer had bought the bag online, and her body was found in the same bag after a week. No motive for such a brutal act is found. But news has come out stating that Nyteisha was pregnant with the child of brown and had a miscarriage. 

He thought she purposely did not have the child and was very sad with Nyteisha Lattimore to take revenge for that he committed such an act.

Why is Lattimore Missing Child in the limelight recently?

People are constantly following every update of the case. And very responsive towards any progress made by the police. It has been a very much discussed topic recently.

Note: All information contained in this article is based on internet research.

Final summary

People are supporting nylo Lattimore’s father, who lost his wife and son together. They hope that the child can be found soon. Click on the link for more updates.  

Do you have more details about it? If you have more updates on the case, Lattimore Missing Child, tell us in the comments and share the post to inform others.

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