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League of Sacred Devils NFT (Sep) Check The Steps Here!

This write-up presents complete knowledge of a famous NFT Token named League Of Sacred Devils NFT and how to mint this NFT.

Blockchain platforms are now full of NFTs assets which give endless rewards, gifts and prizes to the blockchain users. They also enable people to collect Crypto coins using the NFTs and playing games over the platform.

One of the most used and recognized NFT around the United States is the NFT League Of Sacred Devil. It’s a collection of around ten thousand Devils created randomly from the five hundred assets. So this write-up gives introductory details of League Of Sacred Devils NFT, sales details, and sales floor price.

Basic Introduction

  • NFT name: League Of Secret Devils 
  • Drop date: 3rd of September, 2021 at 6.30 AM
  • Start worth: 0.0666 ETH
  • Items present: 10000 items 

About League Of Sacred Devils 

It’s a Non-fungible token that carries a total of ten thousand Devils, which gets safely placed in the Ethereum blockchain, which is recognized as ERC- 721 coins. All the Devils have different specialties, features, personalities and identities. 

League Of Sacred Devils NFT has its own story of its creation. The roadmap of this NFT is divided into three phases. The token has five deadly sinners Ali, Major Diablo, Torrente, Dr. Cerberus, Senor Hades. 

The team of this token has the quality of artwork as the topmost priority. The artist had handcrafted every NFT putting sweat, hard work, love, countless hours and tears for several days to ensure the quality creation of this worthy token on the blockchain. So one can experience the purity of art using this NFT over the blockchain.

League Of Sacred Devils NFT Roadmaps

The Roadmaps Of this NFT is divided into three different phases. Here’s the list 

  • Phase 1: Highway to hell
  • Phase 2: stairway to heaven
  • Phase 3: beyond the horizon

League Of Sacred Devils Data

  • Salesfloor price: 0.008 (-60,000%)
  • 24 hours sales: $346,317 (3697.714%)
  • Owners density: 0.000%

How To Buy League Of Sacred Devils?

The Sacred Devil is made available for sale on the official website itself. The sale started on the third of September at EST 1 PM. So one can purchase League Of Sacred Devils NFT directly from the site secretdevilnft.com.

But before the purchase of Sacred Devil, make sure to have a trustwallet, Metamask wallet or any dedicated wallet to store this NFT. Then, connect the wallet to the website of this NFT and choose the number of Devils you want to buy.

Thus, it’s very easy to purchase Sacred Devils from the official portal of NFT itself.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How much does Sacred Devil worth?

Ans. 0.0666 Eth 

  1. Number of traits of this NFT.

Ans. Five hundred traits


This write-up shows enough information of League Of Scared Devils NFT and reveals other important notes of this nft token. Additionally, if anyone wants to purchase the Sacred Devil, may visit the link given above to mint this coin.

Have you bought any sacred Devils yet? Comment 

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