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Leefire Legit or Scam {April} Check Out Legitimacy!

Do you want to know about the app Leefire? If yes, you must read the below article Leefire Legit or Scam.

Are you looking for an app that helps you make money through different ways? If yes, you are not wasting your time by being on this page. In this article, we will be researching a website named Leefire, and this app or this website claims to provide you money when you log in on this app or register yourself. 

Leefire is famous in many countries like the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, etc. If you are also planning to register on Leefire, then it is our suggestion to first read the article Leefire Legit or Scam and then move ahead with your registration.

Legitimacy of Leefire

  • Domain Age – The date on which Leefire was established on the internet is 16/03/2005.
  • Expiration Date – The date on which Leefire will expire is 16/03/2024.
  • Trust Rank – 1% is the trust rank of Leefire, which is very bad.
  • Trust Score – 48.3 out of 100 is the trust score of Leefire, which is not even average.
  • HTTPS – Protocol is detected, but it always cannot be related to security.

This website is old, which is a plus point, and even HTTPS protocol is also found, but based on this protocol. But we cannot claim that Leefire is Legit. Let’s look at why is trending Leefire App?

What is Leefire?

Leefire is an app that is available online, and this app is based on its website, whose name is also Leefire. Leefire’s website is mainly related to programs associated with farming and mining, and these programs will help you to earn money. 

Leefire claims that in the Philippines, they are the best and most popular digital marketing platform. Leefire has a different marketing strategy as compared to other strategies. Leefire has partnered itself with different companies. Leefire has also maintained an app for the website and the name of the app is also Leefire. So, let’s discuss more.

Leefire App – Why is it Trending

Leefire is becoming trending because people want to invest money in this app but want to check its legitimacy. So, according to our research, the legitimacy of Leefire is suspicious, which means we cannot state whether it is a scam or legit. 

The interface of the Leefire website proves that this website is fake. It is mentioned on the website that access to the website is being denied, which means something suspicious is found on the website. There might be certain policies on the website which are not allowed as per the norms.

Leefire Legit or Scam? The answer to this question is mentioned above.


So, based on our research, before dealing with the app of Leefire, you need to research your level as well because the legitimacy of Leefire has been found suspicious. Trust score of the site is extremely low. Check out this link, and stay Alert.

Please read the above article and let us know if you have ever dealt with Leefire. Also, let us know your views on the article in the comment section. Also read How To Avoid Online Scam.

All the information about Leefire Legit or Scam is mentioned above.

2 thoughts on “Leefire Legit or Scam {April} Check Out Legitimacy!

  1. Basically i found out that this website is not asking for your identification like you need to use an id to verify your identity. Why? Because i joined a lot of apps and all those apps are asking me to use an id and email just to know if im a legit user and that sounds good to me. Unlike here in leefire i only just need to input my number and that’s all. Why is that? Really suspicious but i still joined even though.

    1. Hi Christopher! We highly appreciate you for this thanksgiving information and for relevantly guiding all the other users. Stay tuned and keep sharing your opinions as per the respective blog.

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