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Lenny Swim Review [Sep] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Lenny Swim Review [Sep] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> We are giving a detailed report on a webshop that sells swimwear and women’s clothing.

Are you looking for a webstore that sells swimwear? We found an e-store www.store.lennyniemeyer.com that sells bikinis and other swimwear online. To judge its legitimacy, we analyzed the store in detail to give you Lenny Swim Review for the available clothing. Apart from swimwear, they also sell other clothing, but we will talk more about the website and its swimming clothes.

To judge its authenticity and popularity, we researched the webstore that has been for long on the internet world. Hence, we will tell you about the United States webstore that sells swimwear and other clothing on its website. Why you should know about is crucial in today’s world of internet scams that are going on everywhere. You cannot blindly put your money on a stake at the cost of your essential details. Thus, we suggest you study the entire review and then start shopping.

What does Lenny’s Webstore have to offer you?

The quite mature website offers a range of swimwear like bikinis, two-pieces, and other fashion wear like tops and dresses. The webstore got launched by Lenny Niemeyer, a Brazilian woman who started designing swimwear collection since the 1980s. The webstore has a nice collection of swimwear products at a fixed as well as a discounted rate. The clothes are of premium quality and made of quality fabric.

They levy shipping charges on orders below $150 in the United States only, and at the same time, it is chargeable on worldwide orders. The delivery time varies according to the location involved, and the returns are applicable for orders placed within 15 days. The payment modes are many and include Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and various cards.


  • Kind of Webshop – Sells swimwear and other clothing for women
  • Country of Webshop – United States
  • Cost of shipping – No charge above $150 in the U.S.
  • Returns – Applicable within 15 days
  • Contact address – Not available
  • Email – care@lennyniemeyer.com
  • Telephone – 305 882 1003
  • Payments – Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Credit cards
  • Social media – Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Positive Features of Lenny’s webstore

  • The webstore is quite mature and running for the last seven years and so.
  • Clothing is from a famous designer.
  • There is a premium collection of swimwear items available for women.
  • They have the right presence on social media platforms

Negative Features of Lenny’s Webstore

The website has no Lenny Swim Review available for its swimwear on leading review sites.

There is no contact address available on the webshop. Owner information is hidden.

Is Lenny’s Webstore a legit site?

We researched for the webstore on the internet but could find nil reviews for its swimwear. That is not a good sign for a webshop selling on the internet for the last seven years. The owner has also hidden his contact address and other details about the website. There is no Lenny Swim Review available for the webshop run by Lenny Neimeyer, or its clothing.

There are several followers of the swimwear webshop on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Hence, a good sign for the e-shop that sells swimming clothes for the last so many years. However, there is no review available on famous review sites like Trust Pilot. That however, cannot make it an illegitimate site. Read more to conclude finally.

What do People talk about Lenny’s Webstore?

There are several reviews available for Lenny Neimeyer as a designer on the internet, but none available for her webshop or clothing. The clothing is available on Amazon too, but no feedback is present there as well. The website has positive links and associations available on social media sites only, and no review is currently present anywhere.

They have many followers on social media, but no Lenny Swim Review on any other site is available to judge it. That is something unusual for a website that has been running online for so many years. There are no comments present on Facebook and Instagram to judge customer feedback

The Final Verdict

The webshop that sells swimwear and other clothing is present on the web for a long time. Still, there is a shortage of reviews on its part, which creates some doubt. However, we can always trust a famous designer’s website that is present on the web for so long.

We suggest that buyers shop on this site for their clothing needs without any fear as the site is legitimate and reliable.

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