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Leslieta Com Reviews {July 2021} Is It A Scam or Legit?

Leslieta Com Reviews {July 2021} Is It A Scam or Legit? >> By reading this content, you can quickly check the summarized review of the online selling platform which deals in unique products.

Do you require products to express yourself as who you are, thus portraying your uniqueness? Then, let’s take a tour of Leslieta Com, located in the United States, and have a presence in some more countries like the United Kingdom

It is solely made for the uniqueness enhancement for specific people who love to collect unique things. So, let jump on Leslieta and Leslieta Com Reviews.

Leslieta is an online platform where you can buy a unique product from one single place.

They provide some fantastic stuff like Dragon Eggs, miniature antique books, Functional WWII Military Pocket Compass, and lots more.

For more details, check out the specification part.

Brief of Leslieta.com 

Leslieta com is an online shopping stop where products are available according to every passion and interest on Earth as they emphasize one’s UNIQUENESS. Some items included are as follows: –

  • Air purifying plant
  • Celebrity wall art 
  • Functional WWII Military Pocket Compass 
  • Camping tent
  • Dragon Eggs
  • Miniature antique books.

Is Leslieta Com Legit? If this query is running through your mind, just don’t be attracted by its trendy and appealing look, as trickers can trick you without being known about it scam. 

Specification about Leslieta

  • Domain: Domain was created on Saturday 29th, May 2021
  • URL: Buy unique product as https://www.leslieta.com/
  • Email: service@honwinto.com
  • Address – 2390 Powell St, Apt 208, San Francisco, CA 94133, US
  • Payment Modes: Most secured PayPal option is available, and you can pay through Debit or Credit by PayPal
  • Return Policy: Return policy is available within 14 days after delivery is done
  • Refund Policy: Refund is easy, and simple just that the product should be unused, and in the same condition
  • Exchange: Exchange is also available in case of any issue faced on the product purchased.
  • Social Presence: There is no social account or info about Leslieta Com Reviews
  • Shipping policy:
  • Standard shipping order between 10-15 business days with $4.99.
  • VIP Fast shipping between 6-10 business days with $9.99.

 Positive Points about Leslieta

  • At this shop, you can purchase endless necessities according to your need enhances one’s uniqueness.
  • It also has easy refund means.
  • Shipping is also simple once an order is placed.
  • HTTPS secured website.
  • Free shipping over $59.99
  • This website has unique items to purchase.

Negative Points 

  • The duration of this website is too new to gain trust (29-5-2021)
  • Hardly Leslieta Com Reviews on Social Account
  • The website doesn’t have any contact numbers.
  • All mentioned products lack customer reviews, thus hinting at a sign of a scam.
  • The listed product on their website is deprived of customer review.
  • The website layout is, really poor, they hardly mentioned product specifications.

Is Leslieta not genuine?

Leslieta is just a one-month-old website and provides these unique items across the country with these low prices to create suspicion- Is Leslieta Com Legit or Scam?

  • Domain Age- Domain age is around one month, therefore too young to gain trust.
  • Trust Factor– Trust Factor is just 1% which is very poor
  • Review –  Reviews are absent on their official website as well as on other platforms.
  • Address: The address is available, but we are unable to locate this exact address on Google.
  • Social media:Social media icons & connections are unavailable, and the owner’s information is not known.
  • Unrealistic discounts: Unrealistic discounts are available like buy two, and get one free, freebie available, etc. 

Leslieta Com Reviews

 After visiting this website, they have a unique product with a vast collection, and most importantly, with very affordable prices. But we cannot find their product reviews by their customer and cannot find any review on social media account.

This website is a new one-month-old website, so it is difficult to gain trust to purchase.

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Final thoughts:

Here we sum up all the points in regards to Leslieta Com Reviewsthe duration of this website is too young, ranking is not up to the mark, as well as contact number is not available, reviews are not found on the products as well as not on social media. The details provided seems suspicious and non-trustworthy.

Hence, we don’t recommend going with this website.

For further details in regards to PayPal, click on this link

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