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Lesotho Wordle {July 2022} Is It The Correct Answer?

In this post- Lesotho Wordle, we have acknowledged our readers with the clues and the answers to the Worldle.

Are you stuck in today’s Wordle? The New York Times’s Wordle became very popular in countries like the United States, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, etc., Very quickly. Another Wordle-inspired game, Worldle, asks you to predict a country or a capital for the day rather than a word; and like Wordle, you’ll also get 6 Guesses in this game.

Read the Lesotho Wordle article to know the solution and the clues to the Wordle to keep your winning streak continuing!

Is Lesotho a correct word?

Many users are confused in Worldle and Wordle and mix both answers by mistake. But let us tell you that Wordle is a 5-letters word guessing game while Worldle is a no-letter limit game in which a country or state name is to be guessed.

Numerous users chose the word Lesotho as the solution to today’s Worldle. Let us clarify that the word Lesotho is the answer to Worldle since there is no Lesotho Definition but a well-known country in Southern Africa.

And hence, the correct answer for Worldle 163 is LESOTHO.

Worldle is an excellent, challenging game that might help you improve your Power to remember countries’ names. If you haven’t tried the game Worldle before, you should check this once since its similar to Wordle.

If you’re still confused regarding the Worldle puzzle, please read the rest of the post for explicit instructions.

Clues for the Worldle 163

Do you want to come up with your guess about the answer? As we learn, the Lesotho Wordle is the correct answer. To quickly guess the right solution to today’s Wordle, use the concise suggestions in the paragraphs below:

  • Today’s word consists of three vowels.
  • The term is seven letters.
  • The word begins with L and ends at O.
  • It is a country in Southern Africa.
  • It is 3,313 km away from Algeria on the left side.

Now, we hope you will get the right solution, LESOTHO. The unique feature of Wordle or Worldle is that if one player answers incorrectly because of incorrect letter placement, the other person accurately answers by proper arrangement.

Is Lesotho a Word

Lesotho is not a word but a well-known and beautiful Country in Southern Africa.

Additionally, you should be familiar with Worldle’s rules if you plan to play. 

Five blank spaces are already there as the guess limit. You must identify the proper and accurate state, country, or capital name within six tries. The letter is accurate when the colour changes to green; if it changes to yellow, it means the word is correct. To get your answer counted, press “Guess.” Worldle also provides the distance between the right place and the guessed place.


To summarise this post- Lesotho Wordle, we have acknowledged our readers with the clues, and the correct answer to the country guessing game Worldle. And check out this link  to visit the official site of Wordle

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