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Letspants Scam [Sept 2020] Read This Before You Buy

Letspants Scam [Sept 2020] Read This Before You Buy -> The online store has an exclusive range of women’s shoes, leggings, tops, capris, and more. The store has excellent discounts and tempting offers.

Who says shopping is tiring? Come and land in the shopping world of Letpants; you will start enjoying shopping. The online store is working with full dedication to cater to the clothing requirements of shoppers.

The users must be suspicious to know Is Letspants Scam is genuine or a rumor? For that, please stay connected with us.

We do not own the website, we are here to analyze the website and assist our readers with authentic reviews of the store. Let’s begin the review journey.

The online store has been launched in the digital world, to sell the trending lower wearables for women’s. The store has been designed to make all the cool stuff accessible to women at affordable prices.

The online store is enjoying a huge customer base in the digital market of the United States. The store is working for more than 6 months. 

The online stores is optimum solution for summer shopping, but before making your purchase, read out the article and fill your cup of knowledge with all the relevant details about the website.

Is Letspants a scam or not?

The website has all the relevant details about the contact us section, shipping, and returns. The privacy policy and terms and conditions are mentioned on the site.

The site is protected with SSL protection and has an authentic customer and Google reviews. Even you can find all the trending collections on social media platforms as the website is trending on Instagram and Facebook. The site has more than lakh followers. 

In our analysis, the website is legit, not a scam. Still, if you have any questions regarding the legitimacy of the site, scroll down the article and get your unanswered questions.

What is Letpants. Com?

It is an online store, selling a beautiful and marvelous collection of Capris, shorts, and more. The store is hitting the online shopping world with its designer wearables. 

The store showcases a fantastic exhibition of a variety of clothing. Even the site offers you the pleasure of great deals and discounts.

The online store is ahead of its competitors because it believes in staying in contact with its shoppers. That’s why you can check out the trending collection of the site on its Instagram and Facebook official site.

The site connects with its users by designing the designer stuff at pocket-friendly prices. If you want to flaunt with stunning lowers and Capris, the site is just a click away.

The featured collection is as follows.

  • Tops
  • Lounge Pants
  • Leggings
  • Cargo Pants
  • Capris and shorts
  • Dresses
  • Jeans
  • Shoe

Let’s move ahead guys, and check out the product specifications, pros and cons of the site, genuine customer reviews, and much more. 

Product Specifications

  • Product Type – women leggings, dresses, capris and more
  • Design – Elegant and professional
  • Shipping policy – 3-7 business days
  • Delivery – within a few days
  • Refund policy – within 30 days
  • Contact details – support@letspants.com
  • Contact number – 852 65057428
  • Mode of the payment – PayPal, Mastercard, and Discover

Pros of shopping via Letspants

  • Exclusive collection of dresses and shorts
  • Elegant shoes
  • Minimal prices of the product
  • A big sale is on!
  • Proper shipping and return policy details
  • Variety of stuff available

Cons of shopping via Letspants

  • Cash payment is not applicable
  • International shipping can take more than 10 days

 I hope the article has fed with all your answers and queries. 

What are the customer’s sayings about the letspants.com?

In the world of the Internet, Thousands of websites are attracting users with fake reviews and attractive discounts and duping more and more users with referral programs. 

Still, unlike others, letspants have satisfied users with their product quality and customer satisfaction procedures.

The website is bang on!. The best part of the site is that it has a real and official account on Instagram and Facebook, which assures that yes, it is a legit site.

The site has a unique product and content. 

Final Verdict

The site seems to be legit, as we have mentioned all the insight details about the store and its online presence.

The store has a unique and stunning collection to shop. You can check out the trending wearables.

Still, If you have any confusion related to the website being scam, then check out the official site of the store, its social media accounts, and google reviews.

Do share your experience and comment on the below comment section.

0 thoughts on “Letspants Scam [Sept 2020] Read This Before You Buy

  1. I still have not received my order which was placed last month, yet they are advertising 24 hour shipping. Whats wrong with this picture? Can not reach anyone.

  2. This place is a scam. I ordered 6 items over two months ago. I have only received two of them and they are two sizes too small. They won’t return my emails. Don’t order from them.

  3. They are from China i think i waited weeks before my top arrived and the sizing is all wrong, they don’t answer your e-mails in fact i am still waiting 3 weeks later for a reply . Don’t buy from them i certainly would not recommend them , the material they are made from is just awful .

  4. I had my order arrive today but products were not as advertised or ordered. One came in a different color than I ordered and quality was much thinner than advertised. The jeans were nothing like described. I requested a refund and have not heard back. I tried leaving a review but they said only those who purchased could leave reviews. I used the same email as my order email so I feel like they blocked any bad reviews from their website.

  5. My order came and the tops were ok but the pants I ordered were different from what I ordered and quality was much thinner than advertised. The jeans were nothing like described. The jeans were supposed to have been all cotton and they sent me some polyester leggings. I requested a refund and have not heard back. I tried leaving a review but they said only those who purchased could leave reviews. I used the same email as my order email so I feel like they blocked any bad reviews from their website. I have filed a complaint with PayPal against this company to solve this issue for me.


  7. I feel like this article was written by the scammers.. My kid and my friend both bough products from a company ad. turns out the same exact clothes were advertised in both ads (keep in mind one purchase by my kid was done months ago and the other from my friend was done recently). turns out that all the ads ive found so far selling these same exact clothing items are all from a site, but each advertisement for it I find states a different company. ie, Lets Pants, Adorafitter, Lollippx, Sialaise, are a few. When the clothes were purchased it took a very long time for delivery. Both of the orders were clothes with the same print as the advertised clothes however the quality of fabric was very poor and visibly different quality than what was advertised. If I could upload screen shots and pictures I would. I feel as if some scam company or companies are linking to real legit stores and then creating their own poor quality product to claim its legit status. you are in fact buying a product and receiving it, however, it is false advertising 100% AND you don’t get what you wanted plus, the phone number on the contact us section of LETSPANTS website doesn’t work… it doesn’t even have enough numbers to be a real phone number. My friend has tried to call it in many various ways but no connection at all. They do have email, and we have recieved several communications about how to return items, a list of ridiculous asks for a customer to perform just to return product and get money back. We have sent screen shot and pictures comparing the quality and they still insist there is nothing wrong or different about them. No true legit company would act this way. They would say sorry, accept a return, and refund you money because they understand the value of a happy customer. Do no buy from ads on facebook, or instagram, or pinterest unless you do some research first. That is where I find the most of these types of ads

  8. I need help
    Can someone tell me the email address for letspants or a contact number. The support email doesn’t work. So upset I never received my order they took $49 dollars.

  9. I’m usually pretty careful about checking out sites – I seriously messed up here! Order not received after a month. Website won’t open. The contact email they’ve given isn’t recognised. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM

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