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Letterboxd Year In Review 2020 (Jan) Get To Know Here!

Letterboxd Year In Review 2020 (Jan) Get To Know Here! >> Do you want to know the review of all movies of 2020? Then, please read out the post till the end.

Letterboxd Year in Review 2020: There was an idea that came into the minds of two people who belong to New Zealand about a platform that is all about movies and trending ones from all across the globe. 

That is why we came up here with a podium with a big fan following of cinephiles, and it equips us with a lot of options of trending and best movies in 2020.

The platform is one of the favorites for the United States folks, and due to this, we need to focus on this website once and get to know what exactly it presents with the beginning of 2K21.

An Intro of Letterboxd Year in Review 2020 

In the purest form, it is a part of social media sites about movies far and wide. The owners of this platform, named Matthew Buchanan and Karl von Randow, are web designers and belong to Auckland. Aptly, the website came up as a result of an app and a social media platform and tagged as “Goodreads for movies.”

It is available handy for all devices, whether it is iOS or Android. The website is too famous in the United States. 

Do you want to get more into the website to know the categories of movies? Then, let us know more about it.

Welcome to Letterboxd Year in Review 2020!

As we have watched a lot of movies in the Year 2K20, it was not only about the numbers, but also, it was regarding what we saw precisely. As the globe contracted, all horizons get expanded at the same moment.

At Letterboxd, you can figure out some discoveries, re-visit favorites, fill out historical gaps, and determine all biases. You couldn’t see each other, but we can see movies and get the most out of it through the diverse categories.

What’s Served on the Platter? 

Under the Letterboxd Year in Review 2020, there are many categories available for all filmophile, as we have listed below.

  • Highest Rated Films
  • Popular or Favorite Reviews
  • Most Popular Films
  • In memoriam
  • The Year in Numbers
  • This Year’s trends
  • Women or Bipoc directors
  • Highest Rated as per category or genre
  • Countdowns
  • Most popular by month or Year

You can check out the ratings of all movies here and pick up the one according to the genre or category that you loved the most.

The Bottom Line

After going into all ins and outs of the Letterboxd Year in Review 2020, we found that the platform is only for movie lovers and people have a lot of film options available with some specific categories. Also, you can sign up for the platform for free and track all favorite films with a “save” option to watch them later.

Get to know about all new movies and moves of 2020 by digging into this website. Please check out the desirable list of movies and share with us.

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