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Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite Damage (Jan 2021) Download Now!

Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite Damage (Jan 2021) Download Now! >> The new update with unique new features is now available for download and the most eye-catching part is the latest fascinating shotgun.

Everybody is talking about Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite Damage. The latest update of the game has come up with a new shotgun, and it is on every Fortnite player’s mind.

The 15.20 version update of Fortnite also includes Predator Skin and Hop Rock Dual Exotic gun. The game is currently in Week 6 of Chapter 2 of Season 5. This update can be downloaded by anyone on Android, iOS or desktop or even if you are from the United States, the United Kingdom or Canada.

Please read the article to learn more about the update and its new weapon, especially Lever Action Shotgun.

An intro of Fortnite

Fortnite was developed by Epic Games and initiated in July 2017. It is an online video game available in three diverse game modes-, such as Save the World, Battle Royale & Fortnite Creative.

All these game modes have similar general gameplay. Save the World is a defence shooting-survival game with up to 4 players, Battle Royale is a free-to-play game with up to 100 players who fight to be the end person in the game and Creative is a game or platform that freely allows the players to create their worlds and arenas.

The game can get played on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox, Mac and Play Station.

What is Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite Damage?

The new update has come with a new shotgun called the Lever Action Shotgun. A well-aimed shot by this gun will be enough to kill a fully-shielded enemy.

It is not a legendary weapon and is available at random loots in the map. The significant part is the damage caused by the gun- ranging from 10-12 as per the edition of the gun and a reload time of approx. 6 seconds. And each edition of this gun has six magazine capacity.

The most loved part by the players is Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite Damage.

The gun’s description in the game reads, “Pump-action with high damage at a moderate fire rate, short range and has limited magazine size”.

This shotgun is compared with Pump Action Shotgun by the players and is similar yet different. The latter has a more extended range and a tighter spread making it better for most situations.

What do people say about the new shotgun?

Players have loved the new update with the unique features of Fortnite. And the most talked about the part is the high Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite Damage. Given the stats of the gun,

Players have also compared this gun with Pump Action Shotgun. Some called them similar, and some called them completely different, asking the developers to add the Pump Action gun again.

Did you download the new update? How did you find the Lever Action Shotgun? Tell us in the comments below.

Final Verdict:

The new update of Fortnite Battle Royale game has impressed the fans. The latest update includes the new Predator game, Hop Rock Exotic gun and Lever Action Shotgun.

The Hop Rock Exotic gun lets players eliminate enemies while bouncing around the map. The high Lever Action Shotgun Fortnite Damage has received each player’s attention. The stats of this shotgun are impressive and worth giving a try.

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