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Lfg Cnn (Sep 2021) Read Details About The Documentary!

Read this blog to find the details of Lfg Cnn, the amazing documentary based on the fight of Women’s Soccer Team for So equal pay and gender discrimination.

Do you love watching Soccer? Do you want to find out about the new documentary film Lfg? Are you tired of your wild guesses about this film?

People, mostly from the United States are quite impatient to know more about this Documentary film. Well, this blog will break all the silence and suspense on Lfg Cnn. So, read to learn more about the subject matter of the film. 

What is Lfg?

Lfg is a documentary film based on equal pay for equal work, mainly focused on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT). Andrea Nix Fine and Sean Fine direct this film. They both are Change Content’s Academy Award-Winning Directors. The film mainly revolves around the gender discrimination of the USWNT players. The team includes:-

  • Samantha Mewis(Forward)
  • Jesicca MC Donald(Midfielder)
  • Kelley O’Hara (Forward)
  • Megan Rapinoe(Midfielder)
  • Christen Press(Forward)
  • Becky Sauerbrunn(Midfielder)
  • Julie Foudy(Midfielder)
  • Jeffrey Kessler(CO-lead counsel)
  • Cardelle Spangler(Co-lead counsel)

About Lfg Cnn

Along with HBO Max, CNN Film has collaborated with LFG to premier this film for only one time and one night on CNN, which has been broadcast at 9:00 P.m. EDT, on 6 September (Monday). Eye woman Studios and Change Content are the producers of this documentary. Also, Amy Entelis, the Executive vice president for the category of development of content and talent on CNN, has stated that the CNN team is quite excited to partner with HBO Max to present this extraordinary story of the USWNT. The team is quite thrilled to hold the team fights for equal pay in front of the nation.

Brief on the CNN Films

Lfg Cnn news is quite trending on social media platforms and search engines, and most people of Canada made it the talk of the town. Now let’s know a bit about CNN films. CNN Films focuses on presenting and producing a documentary and short films to exhibit at Theatres and festivals. This CNN Films platform distributes the shot and documentary films on various other CNN Platforms as well. The Senior Vice President of CNN Films works with the Filmmakers to keep an eye on the projects.

More on CNN and HBO Max Platform

 The CNN team was quite excited about Lfg Cnn and its linear presentation. The story possesses a revolutionary concept of gender equality, and the players upheld a human context. This documentary also holds a strong message for society which the CNN Films team thought is vital to reach the public. 

The HBO Max platform (streaming) was launched in 2020 during May in the U.S. and lanc\hed the advertise support subscription on 2021 in June. Also, watch the online video on the Lfg official teaser to witness the trailer if you have missed it.


The Lfg Cnn news became one of the most talked-about news currently after promoting Lfg on CNN films in partnership with HBO Max. This guide helped clarify this trending news for the people who had many questions about this news.

Was this write-up on LFG and CNN helpful for you? Comment below, and do let us know.

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