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Libipop Review (Feb 2021) Is It Legit Or Another Scam?

Libipop Review (Feb 2021) Is It Legit Or Another Scam? >> Are you looking for a store providing you with unique gifts and beauty accessories? If yes then today in this writing we are reviewing one such website. 

Libipop ReviewAre you looking for a website that can provide outstanding products? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. In writing, we are reviewing libipop online store famous across the United States and Canada

Let us go through some facts to know better about the website and know whether you should purchase from this website or not. If you are also a fan of such products, then go through the writing till the end. Let us find out that Is Libipop Legit or not?

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What is libipop?

Libipop is an online store providing its customers with beauty accessories and customize gifts. They have a unique collection of the products which you can order and get for yourself. They are even providing you with free shipping over a range of order, and you can pay the, comfortably via any online mode.

Let us examine some other important factors and things related to the website. You can go on the official website and check for their collection. Let us know more about the website from the United States and Canada with the help of Libipop Review.


  • Website- https://libipop.com/
  • Product- Customize gifts and beauty accessories for women are available on the website.
  • Email support- Not mentioned on the website.
  • Refund and return policy- Not mentioned on the website.
  • Social links- It has social media pages but no links are available on the website.
  • Delivery and shipping-Not mentioned on the website.
  • Payment method- All the online payment modes – PayPal, master card, American Xpress and visa card option are available on the website.
  • Contact number-Not mentioned on the website. 
  • Physical address-Not mentioned on the website.

Pros of libipop-

  • A unique collection of gifts and beauty accessories. 
  • All the online payment modes are available.
  • The website is secured with an HTTPS padlock protector. 
  • You get free shipping over the order of 39$.

Cons of libipop-

  • Libipop Review states that no customer reviews are available on Google and social media.
  • The pictures and content on the website are copied from other scam websites.
  • The domain age is not even 6months old.
  • Important information is missing from the website like contact number, physical address and honour details. 
  • There no posts and comments available on the social media pages of the website.
  • Cash on delivery option is not available. 
  • There are no policy pages available for return and refund policy, delivery shipping, about us and others. 
  • Only a few pictures of the product are available on the website, and there is no description available of the product.

Is Libipop Legit or scam?

Online shopping has become a trend. People love shopping online rather than going physically in the markets and bear unnecessary hustles. But how can we trust an online store? This depends on several factors if a website is a legit or a scam. We need to analyze various things before calling a website a legit or a hoax like security protocols, domain age, owner details, physical address, contact number, payment method, and other website policies.

If we take libipop, then the website does not fulfil all the requirements of being legit. According to Libipop Review the domain age of the website is very less, and it is registered on 21-01-2021. The website is missing on primary information’s. 

There is not contact us page on the website. There are very few pictures of products available on the website. There is only 2-3 lines on the about page. Most of the images are copied. After analyzing all these factors on the website, we can say the website is not genuine. It is possibly a scam.

Customer feedback- Libipop Review

Customer reviews are the most authentic way to know if a website is a legit or a scam. We can learn about the quality of the products and the services by the website in the reviews. If we talk about libipop, we could not find any verified reviews by any verified customers for this website on google and social media. Their trust score is meagre. The website has active social media pages, but no posts, comments and direct links are given. This makes this website again to be a suspicious one. 

Final verdict 

After concluding and knowing everything about the website, Libipop Review can say that you should not invest your money to purchase anything from this website because they are not authentic and genuine. The website does not stand on the necessary factors of being legit. 

Have you ever purchased anything from this website? Then do share your experience with us in the comment section below. 

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  1. I ordered products and it’s been over the free shipping within 7 days. It’s going on to 19 days since I ordered. Can’t find a number or any type of customer support/help. Very upset.

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