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Lin Serena Bundle Roblox {Nov 2021} Know How To Get it!

This article provides information about getting Lin Serena Bundle Roblox and related information about Lin and Serena avatars.

Did you know this November, exclusive Xbox Roblox characters – Lin and Serena were made available for PC, mobile and other platforms for free?

Lin and Serena are Classic Blocky (or) Neoclassic Avatars newly released and popular in Brazil. With the free launch of the first Classic bundles into the Avatar Shop. Classic Blocky styled Avatars were initially released on March 26, 2020. But, first, let us read all the information about Lin Serena Bundle Roblox.

What is Lin and Serena’s avatar?

An avatar is also known as Robloxian (or) Roblox character. Robloxian is a customization entity that represents a player on Roblox. Users can utilize their Robloxian to generally move around games and interact with the world around them.

Lin and Serena have a torso, a head, 2 legs and 2 arms. They can wear Faces, Heads, Accessories, Pants, Shirts and Gear. They can also equip weapons and tools in the game. 

Lin and Serena can only die in 2 ways: 

  • By falling too far down a map or 
  • If Lin Serena Bundle Roblox torso and the head are separated from the neck. 
  • Such types of deaths occur when the condition of Lin and Serena Robloxian reaches 0.

Who are Lin and Serena?

Lin and Serena are Xbox-One exclusive Robloxian launched in the avatar shop on September 30, 2015, by Roblox. It is a contemporary rejuvenation and a mixture of 1.0 and 3.0 Robloxian. 

You can change the looks of Lin (or), Serena, at any time by choice (or) by purchasing a different Robloxian. On November 10, 2021, the Lin and Serena bundle and the rest of the Xbox-One bundles were made acquirable on all Roblox platforms for unknown reasons.

How to get Lin Serena Bundle Roblox and its accessories?

Lin and Serena are one of several privileged Robloxian available for free! You can get the Serena bundle by accessing roblox.com/bundles/129/Serena. The Serena avatar Includes accessories that make a Women/Girl character to look-a-like Serena. The accessories include:

  • Serena Shirt
  • Serena Pants
  • Serena’s Hair Accessory
  • Serena’s Scarf Accessory for the neck
  • XBOX styled Left Arm
  • XBOX styled Right Arm
  • XBOX styled Left Leg
  • XBOX styled Right Leg
  • XBOX styled Torso
  • Serena’s Face
  • Serena Costume

Lin Bundle and its accessories: 

You can get Lin avatar by accessing roblox.com/bundles/130/Lin. The Lin avatar Includes accessories that make a character look like Lin Serena Bundle Roblox. The accessories include:

  • Lin Shirt
  • Lin Pants
  • Lin’s Hair Accessory
  • Lin’s glasses Accessory for the face
  • XBOX styled Left Arm
  • XBOX styled Right Arm
  • XBOX styled Left Leg
  • XBOX styled Right Leg
  • XBOX styled Torso
  • Lin’s Face
  • Lin Costume


More than 308K subscribers of Serena avatar have liked it, and there are more than 517K subscribers of the Lin avatar. The Robloxian themselves were not criticized, but criticism arose the bundles started as more commonplace bundles in the advertisement posters for Roblox. Such characters are currently in high demand.

Do you wish to know more about popular Xbox-one characters available on all platforms? Also, let us know your views about Lin Serena Bundle Roblox.

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