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Lintrolled.Com Review (Jan 2021) Is it a Legit Deal?

Lintrolled.Com Review (Jan 2021) Is it a Legit Deal? >> Read this informative article to learn about a website that claims to sell gadgets that help you with all this and much more.

Are you a cleanliness freak who loves to keep their spaces spic and span? No wonder you’re always looking for gadgets and tools that help you with the same.In this article, we talk about a website that claims to sell equipment that helps you clean up your spaces.

The online store, called lintrolled.com, displays many products for your daily use.lintrolled.com ships worldwide, including the United States, and offers both domestic and international shipping.

The store claims to offer a five-point happiness checklist on its orders. Moreover, there is a New Year sale in which the customers can avail up to 60% discount on most products.All this sounds too good to be true. Let’s seek an answer to this question by exploring the web store through our lintrolled.com Review.

What is lintrolled.com? 

lintrolled.com is a webstore that sells fantastic tools that help keep your home or office space sparkling clean. The eStore sells Portable Clothing Comb, Lint Cleaner Pro, Pet Hair Destroyer, Ultimate Lint Removal Bundle, and many more products. The products help remove fuzz on your clothes, pilling, fluff, pet hair, and dirt easily that your vacuum cleaner has missed.Its most popular product is Lint Cleaner Pro which enjoys a five-star rating by 1,074 customers.

You can also sign up for the lintrolled.com newsletter and get first-hand information on their deals and discounts.The coming sections of lintrolled.com Review will tell us if the store is worth your time and money. 

Specifications of lintrolled.com: 

  • Product- Cleaning gadgets for your spaces
  • Website- https://lintrolled.com/
  • Address- not given
  • Email- hello@lintrolled.com
  • Processing time- 1-2 business days
  • Shipping time- 3-20 days
  • Shipping fee- Applicable
  • Exchanges- Jumpsta Ltd., 152-160 Kemp House, City Road, London, UK, EC1V 2NX. 
  • Returns- 30 days since your purchase
  • Refunds- Applicable once your returns are approved
  • Mode of payment- Major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and more

Scroll down the article to know whether Is lintrolled.com Legit or not.

Pros of lintrolled.com: 

  • The store claims to provide a lifetime warranty on products.
  • The store provides tracking numbers for every order.
  • The store claims to have real people for customer support, 24/7 and all year round.
  • The products are handy and extremely easy to use.

Cons of lintrolled.com: 

  • The store has a strikethrough pricing policy on products.
  • Not all items are refundable.
  • The customer bears the shipping cost of returning the items.

Is lintrolled.com Legit?

lintrolled.com showcases 1,284 sparkling reviews by its customers on its website. The customers have given the products a 5-sar rating.

This information makes us believe that lintrolled.com is a legit name. However, certain pointers indicate otherwise.

Firstly, the website does not have any “About Us” page. There is no information about the origin of the company, its background, and its owners.Any reputable brand will never hide such crucial information from its customers.

Secondly, almost all products are available at unreasonable discounts. The store has a strikethrough policy. This is mostly representative of fake stores to lure customers.

In this light, it becomes crucial to explore the store further through the following areas of our lintrolled.com Review.

Customers review of lintrolled.com:

As mentioned earlier, lintrolled.com boasts glittering reviews by customers on its website. However, one can easily manipulate reviews on their website. Therefore, it is best to discover what customers say about the store by reading Google reviews or other online reviews.

Unfortunately, one look on the internet and you find negative lintrolled.com Review.

It has a 100% bad trust score on Trustpilot. Customers are complaining that the products do not work as they mention on their website.The customers also claim that the store blocks customers from commenting if they post complaints on their Facebook page.

Final verdict: 

Isn’t it obvious by now what our final verdict will be?In the conclusion of our article, we warn you to steer clear of lintrolled.com.

This store sells low-quality products. Customers are apprehensive that the company shares or misuses their data by logging into their Facebook accounts.We hope you have found our lintrolled.com Review useful.Do add your viewpoint if you have anything to add.

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