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Lucky Buddha NFT {Sep 2021} Find Full Token Features!

This article will give you information about Non-fungible tokens, minting an NFT, and Lucky Buddha NFT.

Do you know what Lucky Buddha is? Are you looking for new ways to generate NFT? NFT is probably one of the most talked-about terms in the crypto world. Moreover, it continues to gain popularity in recent times with the support of blockchain.

Lucky Buddha seems to have a lot of hype behind it. It was pre-sale yesterday, and people across Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom hope to win Buddha before it sold out. Want to know more about Lucky Buddha NFT? So, let us start but first know the basic terms.

Non-Fungible Tokens:

NFTs are tokens that represent unique assets especially digital art and collectibles. It has a unique value and cannot be exchanged with an item of the same value. Therefore, when you sell it in the auction or purchase it, NFT unlocks new revenues for creators.

Because of the ever-increasing interest of revenuers in NFT art and collectibles, interest in NFT minting is expanding. Let us see what is minting an NFT as our discussion on Lucky Buddha NFT is based on this.

Minting an NFT:

With many cryptocurrencies launching each month, new ways of maintaining them are essential. Minting is the computer process of authenticating information, creating a new block, and gathering data into the blockchain.

In other words, minting is the process of how your digital art becomes a part of the blockchain, which is a decentralized, tamper-proof, and open-source distributed public network. So, when you choose to create NFT, you must first mint the digital version of your artwork. You ensure that your creation can now become an NFT and be sold and owned by minting your digital art.

What is Lucky Buddha NFT?

On the Ethereum blockchain, Lucky Buddha is a collection of 10,000 randomly produced NFTs. The Cenobium is the name given to the community by 10,000 Zen-infused young gods. These little protectors are chubby, attractive, entertaining, and they will bring you the best luck possible. In their spare time, Lucky Buddha is known for eating excellent proverbs and protecting the earth.

Basically, they are minting 10,000 Buddhas to create a unique 10,000 Buddhas. So, each Buddha is minted with 220 random features that combine and create the unique Buddhas living in the chain.

Lucky Buddha NFT Roadmap:

They provide roadmaps where future launches and plans are mentioned to inform the users about the next aim. According to Lucky Buddha’s Lucky club Roadmap, Pre-launch will mainly focus on growing awareness by giving multiple giveaways, fan art, Buddha-inspired poems, etc.


  • Lucky Buddha’s Lucky club launch on September 5th, giving away $4000.
  • Collection to be sold within the first week of the launch.

November- December

  • Collaboration with other large NFT projects.
  • 3D renders of Lucky Buddha.


Lucky Buddha NFT has a strong community, cool and very creative art, and an apparently well-produced NFT collecting experience. If you have it, maybe you can become more patient like Buddha, and also buying Buddha brings luck. Don’t worry if you missed out on the public sale; alternatively, there are multiple giveaways you can be part of. Find more on Lucky Buddha here.

Have you got lucky enough to be a part of their club; tell us in the comment section below?

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