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Lulully Reviews {July 2021} Is It Legit Or Fake Website?

Lulully Reviews {July 2021} Is It Legit Or Fake Website? >> This website sells garments online. To get further knowledge read the full article.

Do you have any interest in colorful and beautiful dresses? If yes, please let us know what you think about these kinds of dresses with almost every color. The dresses available on the website would have never been seen on any other website, making it truly unique. The people across the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom have a keen interest in these outfits. 

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What is Lulully? 

When we talk about Lulully as an official e-commerce website, we said that this store sells various beautiful and colorful dresses and tops that anyone could like in a single view. This website’s product holds an actual rate, and every product has its certified position in the market. But the only price is not the factor that we need to look for justifying a website legit. We also need to check all the value points for this website to decide that it Is lulully Legit or a scam.


  • Domain age-: the registration of this website was completed adequately on 31 May 2021. 
  • URL-: https://www.lulully.com
  • Category-: this website falls under the category of selling garments. 
  • Email-: info@followmimi.com
  • Address-: 2 Square Saint Marsal, 66100 Perpignan France. 
  • Contact no.-: 8140015410. 
  • Payment mode-: PayPal. 
  • Return policy-: The product could be returned after 14 days of delivery. 
  • Refund policy-: The refunds will be granted within one week of return. 
  • Exchange Policy-: The exchange could be done by 14 days of delivery. 
  • Shipping policy-: shipping over $79 will be free. 
  • Delivery policy-: the delivery will take 7 to 15 days. 
  • Social media presence icons-: negative. 


  • The pros for Lulully Reviews are given as follows. 
  • Certificate of SSL check is valid and verified. 
  • This website makes the sales through an online method only. 
  • The payment mode used by this website allows the customer to get its money back. 


  • WHOIS is software used by the owner of this website to hide his identity. 
  • Recently registration has been completed for this website. 
  • There are not many visitors to this site. 
  • The linking of this website was not standard. 
  • Low-rated sites were on the same server as this website. 
  • All the cons for this website will help you to justify Lulully Reviews

Is Lulully trustworthy

Trusting is one of the most accessible works done by human beings as we fall for anything we like. So we forget that that thing could ditch us. To make sure that we do not get ditched, we need to check the legitimacy of every website. 

No matter what the situations are, we always need to be ready for any trouble if we do not read all the legitimacy points for this website. The points following are to justify if Is lulully Legit

  • The domain age is recent as it gets registered on 31 May 2021. 
  • According to our sources for this website, the trust score is only 3.6%, which is even lower than the least. 
  • When we talk about customer reviews for this website, we come up with nothing. 
  • According to our search, we found that the Alexa rank given to this site is zero. 
  • We could not justify that if the content for the server-side was plagiarized or not. 
  • The privacy policy of this website says that safety is the most important verdict of a website. 
  • The company gives unrealistic discounts on every product near about 35%. 

Lulully Reviews:

The feedback or customer reviews are the most critical factor for a website to be justified as legit, which was absent in this website as we could not find any customer reviews. All this makes us clear that we need to give some more time to this website to grow and make its name in the market to be trusted. 

If you have faced any scam through PayPal scam, read the information to provide yourself some help. 

Final verdict 

With the help of the final verdict, we could easily say that Lulully Reviews are not to be trusted at any cost and are suspicious as we do not know the true intentions of this website. However, if you like the content, then please let us know in the comment section. 

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