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Lysol Disinfecting Spray Reviews – Is It Worth the Money?

Lysol Disinfecting Spray Reviews – Is It Worth the Money? -> This article is about Lysol disinfectant. Every product has it’s pros and cons, the objective here is to make the reader aware of both, so that one can form a fair impression about the former.

Keeping your space disinfected is a prime concern these days, because due to high level of pollutants in the air, germs are present almost everywhere.

Once, these germs enter our body, they cause a lot of issues. There are many ways to keep our area clean and one of these is using disinfecting spray cleaners.

You just need to spray and wipe.

Here, I am going to discuss about ‘Lysol Disinfecting Spray’. This product is readily available in countries like United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

What is Lysol Disinfecting Spray?

Lysol Disinfecting wipes and spray are used to sterilize hard and soft surfaces and render them free of germs. The product is meant to clear 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungus. It comes in different aromatic scents which are light and lingering.

How does it work?

Lysol disinfectant can be used all over your home, in every room. The place has to be cleaned before hand with water. Then, Lysol spray has to be applied 3-4 times till the surface is covered with mist.

Do not wipe it dry, rather wait for sometime till the entire froth evaporates. That’s it! Your table top or commode is as clean as it shines. Yes, Lysol leaves a sheen on every surface, it is applied to.

Not only germs but it also prevents mold and mildew from growing.

Who should buy this?

Any household or office space or any other setting that requires disinfection from micro organisms need to acquire this product. It’s light, easy to use and highly effective in performance than many of it’s counterparts.

Why is it famous?

Lysol disinfectant is not a new advent in the market. The name is familiar since the year 1889. Dr. Gustav Raupenstrauch introduced the product to end a cholera epidemic in Germany, then. Since, it’s inception, Lysol has been improvised to suit the needs and requirements of modern living. But, it’s main function remains unmatched till date.

  • Can eliminate 99.9% of disease causing microbes from any surface.
  • It keeps your surroundings sterilized and thereby leaves you and your family in good health. Common cold and cough will occur rarely and even allergies would disappear for that matter.
  • Keeps your entire space sanitized and prevents recurrence of mold and mildew till a week.
  • With it’s mild and soothing fragrance range, the spray is capable of subduing all kinds of unbearable odors.
  • The different scents are crisp linen, spring waterfall, early morning breeze etc. The names itself speak of freshness.
  • The active ingredient in Lysol disinfectant is ‘benzalkonium chloride’.

What are the negative remarks about it?

Lysol containers contain highly repressed semi fluids. Any kind of leakage or perforation might lead to explosion of the bottles and cause fire. This has to be definitely kept in mind while disposing the used bottles.

Lysol contains phenol, which presumably causes skin irritation, swelling and burning in kids and pets. So, be careful about the time and place where you wish to use Lysol.

Wearing sunglasses or a guard for your eyes and hands, is advisable before using this poisonous disinfectant. A slight entry into the eyes might cause irritation and thereafter serious consequences in your vision.

Cats and birds are allergic to the component ‘Phenol’ which is duly present in Lysol. So, it isn’t advisable to use the product in places, where felines and birds are present.

Lysol wipes and spray shouldn’t be applied on polished wood, rayon fabric and acrylic plastic. Any kind of organic material doesn’t work with this liquid.


There are several disinfectants available in the market. Some might be more promising than Lysol in many ways. However, when you decide to purchase one for your home, do lay stress on it’s core functionality. Discuss among your friends and family about the products.

Before, being happy about the pros of a disinfectant, try to analyze the negative impacts of the same. Your decision should be a proper balance between the core functionality and it’s side effects.

Disinfectants are nothing but poison for microbes, so they are no way healthy for any human being. Extra care should be taken while disposing and storing such products in the house. While they are essential for your good health, a little recklessness might cause fatality.

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