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Mafagafo NFT {Dec 2021} Know How Should Invest In It!

This article describes a play-to-earn online multiplayer game that uses non fungible tokens to buy and sell different gaming characters. Read on Mafagafo NFT.

Are you interested in exploring different NFT based games? If yes, you have arrived at the right article explaining the popular NFT games discussed among the gamers and gaming enthusiasts of the crypto community.

Gaming fans and followers from Brazil and other parts of the world seek different NFT games with a high potential to make a fortune in the coming years by participating in different online gaming events and competitions. Read this article completely to know more about Mafagafo NFT.

About Mafagafo Game

Mafagafo is a popular NFT game with a singular profile, unique features, and exceptional gaming concepts that will help gamers an excellent chance to reap more significant earnings while enjoying the online gaming features. The simple concept of the developers is to provide fun and entertainment to the gamers and earn by doing so.

This multiplayer online game provides gamers exclusive gaming characters, multiplicity items, and several maps to explore and play. This play-to-earn feature also attracts professional gamers and followers to create a gaming community and participate in various gaming activities and events.

Mafagafo NFT

  • As it is a play-to-earn online game, the gamers are rewarded for their time spent on the platform and their gaming skills according to their expertise.
  • The most highlighted feature of the Mafagafo game is that it is developed in an elementary form. These features help to get a wider audience ranging for all aged people.
  • The movement buttons are limited to four, making it very easy for beginners. These four buttons perform gaming actions such as swimming, gliding, running, and jumping. 
  • There is no time limit for any gaming events.

Team and Advisors

  • Flávio Brognara is the CEO of Mafagafo NFT gaming company.
  • Alexandre Tolstenko Nogueira is the Game Dev Developer.
  • Ailton Sávio is the backend developer and Devops engineer behind the Mafagafo gaming project.
  • Davi da Silva Bento is the Full-Stack developer of the team.
  • The major advisors of this project are Gustavo Medeiros, Thiago Nalesso Cardoso, Juninho Afram and Ever Portilho.

How to get Mafagafo tokens and NFTs?

  • Mafacoins, which is a Mafagafo token, is a type of token that can only be purchased. The user can buy and sell this token from the DEX exchange. The contract address for Mafagafo NFT token is 0x352631918ca5682290c841b54ce2e7fe3b73cea0. 
  • Mafagafo marketplace is another platform that helps gamers to buy and sell tokens. Here the users can also sell their valuable NFTs. The price of the NFTs varies according to their market value.
  • Another method to get free Mafagafo tokens is by participating in free airdrops. These airdrops are active till 21st December 2021.


NFT based gaming platforms are gaining acceptance and popularity among gamers from the crypto space due to their high earning potential. To understand more on this topic, please visit.

Have you tried to purchase any gaming NFTs similar to Mafagafo NFT? If yes, please comment your opinion below.

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