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Magetas Reviews [April 2020] Should Anyone Buy From It?

Magetas Reviews [April 2020] Should Anyone Buy From It? -> In this article, youget to know about an online shopping site for different category items available at a logical price.

Magetas Reviews: Have you ever wished to find a store of all different category items which are also cost-effective? Online shopping is an effective way of buying stuff and getting it delivered to you without any hassle. But finding an online shopping site that will have different items from various categories to choose from it is not easy. 

But the site named as Magetas com is known for having different items from various categories, and the products are budget-friendly. This site is mostly in the United States, and it has started in use in different regions of the world. The website is having an outlet of various products, and it is also budget-friendly, but is Magetas com legit? To discover that, continue reading.

About the Magetas com:

Magetas com is an online shopping destination, where different category products are available at a logical price. This website showcases varieties of category products to choose from it. Examples of kitchen accessories are coffee maker, mixer, portable coffee maker, etc. The site has various items to choose from kitchen accessories.

The website has other categories like pets, smart home, refrigerators, dinnerware sets, baby & nursery, fashion, accessories, electrical, home & garden, toys, etc. The designer dinnerware sets are a must grab items. Well functioned refrigerators will be a must-have for your house. Different pet food and supplies are also available on this website. 

Smart electrical items for smart home like Phillips light bulbs, Clear stream TV, loudspeakers, high-tech security cameras, etc. are also showcased by the site. The site is still updating some products to expand its product range. The website offers 30 days money-back guarantee. The site is sure of the quality of its products. But is it worth the price? Look into the details.

Specification of Magetas com:

  • Website: This site sells items like refrigerators, dinnerware, electrical, pet suppliers, etc.
  • Customer service: support@magetas.com.
  • Address: 450 Hamilton Drive, Cockeysville, Maryland, 21030.
  • Contact Info: 410-252-2230.
  • Mode of payments: VISA, PayPal, Discover, MasterCard, AMEX.
  • Delivery: 7-14 days.
  • Cancellation of orders before shipping is accepted.
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee.

Is Magetas worth the price?

According to Magetas Reviews, the outlet of products is enormous, and the price for the quality seems logical, which shows that the products are worth the price. The products are of premium quality, and it is also budget-friendly. The site is running smoothly, and it will provide excellent surfing experience to the users.

The site has all the products that will be needed while shifting a place; the products are available is worth a try. The website has not shown any sign of scams, which means it is legit. The products will be suitable for anyone or anything, and it is perfect for you and also for gifting.

Positive remarks of Magetas com:

  • It provides a different category of products in one place.
  • High-quality products in logical price.
  • Customer service is available 24/7.
  • It offers free delivery on all orders.
  • Different modes of online payment are accepted.
  • Easy returns and refunds.
  • No signs of scams.

Negative remarks of Magetas com:

  • Delivery can delay in some places.
  • Only online payment modes are accepted.
  • Cancellation of orders only accepted before the shipping.

Customer review on Magetas com:

Customers seem happy with the customer service provided by the site as it offers 24/7 customer service, which is impressive. The customers are delighted with the social pages of Magetas com, as it is available on Face book, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The customers do not like the return policy of this website.

The newsletter has been helpful for some customers to grab the exclusive offers provided by the site. The delivery of the products is also not liked by some customers. But overall the site has received more positive remarks than the negative ones.


Magetas Reviews say, if you want to buy different category items at a logical price and available at one destination, then this website will be a perfect match for you. The site has not provided enough information about the products, and some categories are empty, which means they are still updating. 

The website is legit and untouched of any scams or suspicious signs that may question its authenticity. The site is expanding its range for future purposes. Hence, if this site has matched all your needs, then we suggest you pay a visit to this site and make purchases for yourself or to gift someone.

0 thoughts on “Magetas Reviews [April 2020] Should Anyone Buy From It?

  1. this is not a good site none of the phone numbers work and they charge you without finishing your order.

  2. They took my money and never sent me a email confimation of my order. That was three days ago and still nothing. The contact number they give 410-252-2230 is disconnected. I think this site is a scam site. I am going to report them to the authorities.

  3. Phone number NO LONGER IN SERVICE> Made a purchase at 11PM last night via paypal. Immediately got a paypal receipt but NOTHING from Magetas. I tried to get back to review status this AM and called number to no avail.

    SO FAR: I think this may be a scam site. The paypal payment seemed to be made to an individual rather than a business. I have emailed MAGETAS support and so far NO respone.

    I am taking action with GOOGLE and Paypal to help shut down their site. [Today is April 27, 2020.] I would NOT advise anyone to risk a purchase there OR LEAVING YOUR CREDIT CARD ETC on their site.

    John in Lincoln, NE USA…..

  4. I would recommend anyone READY to place an order to attempt to get thru with their phone number posted on their site first. And if the response is “this number is no longer in service” think twice about ordering.

    I will followup if I hear ANY good news. But lack of a followup by means this is only the start of the saga.

  5. Two days later, no change. Phone number on site is disconnected. READ the reviews here. Not many but ALL same in content. They take your PAYPAL payment. Email a receipt for payment received, but no other communication stating what was ordered etc. MORE AND MORE this is looking like a SCAM site. Buyer beware. I am currently filing with Paypal to get reimbursement. My order was for about $70 US dollars.

  6. I was just scammed by them too. I bought a product and I was never emailed a receipt, the website says there is no account attached to my email. However, they charged my PayPal AND even charged me an international fee, which I was not aware of nor did I authorize. Also- this doesn’t make sense because the website says they’re located in the U.S. and I live in Florida. I’m disputing the transaction with PayPal and I encourage people to tell others about Magetas to prevent anymore scams.

  7. TOTAL CHINESE SCAM! googled “buy roku ultra” the magetas.com website popped up at lowest price at $57.99. ordered 3 for total $173.97; it had paypal button; clicked on it; paypal confirmed order and they PAID this SCAM VENDOR $173.97; magetas.com never confirmed receipt of order, or trakcing no., when I logged back on to the magetas.com and clicked on “my account” it shows my telephone, email, address, etc. it recited YOU HAVE NO ORDERS PENDING. sent 4 emails to support@magetas.com NEVER ANSWERED ANY EMAIL; never even acknowledged receipt of my 4 emails between 4/28/20 – 4/30/20. TOTAL SCAM VENDOR

  8. I ordered off of this website on 4/27. They took my money and I never received and email confirming my order. Now the website is down and the customer service number is disconnected. I also emailed the customer service email twice, with no response. DO NOT ORDER

  9. I have a bit of an update….see above to know where I came from. Today (5-10 and Happy Mothers Day Mom)…i received an email from Paypal entitled “More details on your shipment.” It was sent to the email address I have registered with Paypal. The email included the following: Shipper (USPS in my case) at Tracking number (thru USPS) which does bring up information (see comment below). If you have questions about the shipment, please contact soloxxxxx@gmail.com. Which I can verify is the party who took my original paypal payment in amount of about $70.00 US dollars. In addition the email from Paypal includes: Description Unit price Qty Amount with info under these headers EXCEPT a part number under the description. I do not recall if that matches the number on my original order. The amount and price DO match my order.

    When I checked the tracking, it is a valid USPS tracking number and shows a package shipped on 5-8-2020 (it is now 5-10-2020) and SHIPPING PARTNER as AMAZON and originated in Illinois. When I checked tracking, this statement shows up “This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.”

    So where are we? 1=I am just a schmuck like everyone who has posted here. I do have SOME HOPE I will receive something in the mail. Hopefully it is what I have ordered. PLEASE NOTE: When they took my $$ via paypal, there was no further communication from the seller until TODAY (about 2 weeks…I would need to check back for exact dates).

    WOuld I do business, HELL NO. This whole thing seems fishy to ALL of US. Whether my product arrives is a side. They obviously are not advanced enuff to communicate with buyers in a business like fashion.

    I am also disappointed this ALEXIS ALDEN (apparent owner and writer of ALL the blog and review mentioned in dodbuzz.com continues to leave his review above unaltered without making an addendum commenting on ALL of our comments. For all we know, he as paid by SELLER to make this review up to facilitate the SCAM. And until I receive my product, I do believe it is a SCAM site. I will be HAPPY to give an update when/if I receive my paid item. I will SAVE all comments shown here to post at a different site in case “Alexis” takes this down. SHAME SHAME SHAME> If you are reading this, please update your status and let us ALL KNOW. I do not think my experience is an outlier. Regards and best to all. WIll provide update here when I know something more. I am located in zip code 68502 as a FYI.

  10. Part 2: This is what is stated on this site. Copy and pasted.
    Positive remarks of Magetas com:It provides a different category of products in one place.
    High-quality products in logical price.
    Customer service is available 24/7. [INCORRECT]
    It offers free delivery on all orders
    .Different modes of online payment are accepted.
    Easy returns and refunds. [INCORRECT]
    No signs of scams. [INCORRECT]
    Negative remarks of Magetas com:
    Delivery can delay in some places.
    Only online payment modes are accepted.
    Cancellation of orders only accepted before the shipping. [INCORRECT] THERE ARE NO WAYS TO CANCEL ORDER;


    NONE OF THIS IS TRUE ALEXIS ALDEN! Why is it still shown above.

    NO CANCELLATION OF ORDERS, They do not send any receipt and all forms of communication with seller are UNAVAILABLE> HOW CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER (before it ships) if they do not respond to any emails and their phone number has been disconnected.

  11. CONTINUED BAD NEWS: I now received a notice frm USPS that is it is being delivered TODAY to [See above my comments for history]

    Out for Delivery
    May 11, 2020 at 7:10 am

    Out for Delivery, Expected Delivery Between 9:15am and 1:15pm




  12. Magetas site is down.

    I went to paypal to get refund, 30 days, BUT I made my case and got reimbursed in 24 hours….3 cheers for paypal.
    Here is some relevant info. sodressy (is the first of the email that takes your paypal money).
    That equates to this SCAM company. GET YOUR MONEY BACK. dodbuzz.com why havent you updated your REVIEW. Are you part of the scam??

    We’re waiting for Hefei Yilai Trade Co., Ltd’s response
    What’s happening with your case(s)?

    We reviewed the case(s) you filed on July 12, 2020 and have contacted the seller for more information.

    Case ID: PP-D-758776xxxxxx
    Transaction amount $69.99 USD
    Dispute amount $69.99 USD
    Transaction date April 27, 2020
    Seller name Hefei Yilai Trade Co., Ltd
    Transaction ID 8VX0xxxxxxX018514J

    The following day I had a judgement in my favor and 100% money back.
    When i didnt get a receipt, that was a tipoff…when they also didnt take out tax, that was also, when I got an email from PAYPAL stating my item had shipped, I thought I MIGHT have made a mistake…..then the tracking showed receipt in PA (see above) and was likely sent to a box at URSINUS COLLEGE……..I made multiple phone calls, and although some HELPED, no one could do anything to end the scam with me (or for others). Had to wait to contest with Paypal. Traditionally, I do NOT make a payment wtih a Credit card unless they accept paypal. Today this made me a happy man.

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