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Magic Emperor 259 {Feb} Read Chapter Plot, Summary!

The write-up discussed the manga Magic Emperor 259 and its details. Read the whole article and understand the story better.

What is a magic emperor? Is magic emperor a novel or a manga? Which episode is released recently? 

If you are looking for answers related to the magic emperor novel, you are at the right place. This article will briefly discuss the manga and its recently released chapter. This is an ongoing comic. 

In Thailand and Indonesia, the comic Magic Emperor 259 is trending.

What Is Magic Emperor?

  • People often read e-comics as a source of entertainment nowadays. Also famously known as web novels, webtoons, manga, and comics. If you are a fan of web novels, then follow this write-up.
  • Here are a few introduction points about magic emperor manga:
  • Magic Emperor is a web novel released in 2019, and it is still an ongoing novel. 
  • It was written/composed by Ye Xiao and Wuer Manhua. 
  • This manga is an adventure, supernatural, fantasy, and action genre. 
  • It is also known as Demon Magic Emperor, Devil Housekeeper, etc. 
  • A total of 260 episodes have been published to date.  
  • To know about Magic Emperor 259, read below.

Plot Summary

The plot revolves around the main character Yifan Zhuo. He was a magic/demon emperor. He had a book in his possession called ‘The book of nine secrets.’ The book originally belonged to an ancient king. 

All the experts and powerful people envied him. And his pupils killed him for good. But his spirit is embodied in a boy named Fan Zhuo. He was his family servant. 

He also has to unite with his previous memories and hold the powers of Yifan intact. Finally, he has to serve his family. Now he has to restore the family’s declining honor.

Magic Emperor 259

The title of the 259th chapter is Scare Away/ The God of War’s Fright. Unfortunately, this chapter is recently released. So, on many websites, this chapter is not yet updated.

  • We will discuss a summary of the chapter here.
  • The episode’s opening statement was by Zhuo Fan. He told the Marshal that he couldn’t do this and find someone else to do it.
  • People were trying to convince him to enlist in the military for the nation’s sake.
  • Then Zhuo agreed to enlist himself, but he proposed one condition.
  • Marshal Dugu was scared by the condition Zhuo offered.
  • Further in Magic Emperor 259, marshal dugu forgot that Zhuo was a demon emperor and capable of doing.
  • At last, Marshal dropped the idea of enlisting Fan Zhuo in the army and asked him to lead the Luo clan and look after the three families of the clan.


The manga magic emperor is very famous. People have rated it with more than 4 stars on most manga websites. The recently released chapter 259 of this manga is trending right now. People are excited to know what happens next.

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Have you read the chapter Magic Emperor 259? Tell us about the story in the comments.

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