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Magnum Quest Best Team (Aug 2021) Check The List Here!

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Have you ever heard of Magnum Quest? Well, it is a recent android video game that has been quite famous in the United StatesFrance, and other countries. They have recently launched for free merchandise.

There are different teams in the game; all of them have great characters, heroes, skills, etc. people have liked the game because of its easy access, easy gameplay. So today, we will focus on all the teams, which are Magnum Quest Best Team.

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About Magnum Quest

Magnum Quest is a mobile video game available on both Android and iOS. The game was published by TUYOO GAME and was a great success. People liked the game because of its easy access, smooth play, 3D graphics, characters, strategy, gameplay, and location. Infect everything about the game attracted people. 

The game is popular among all aged people, from youngsters to adults, equally like the game. The game can be easily compared with any PC or DVD game. The graphics will never make you disappointed. There are many teams in Magnum Quest, but which is Magnum Quest Best Team?

How to know the Character ranks?

To make the best team, you firstly need to find out the rakings or tier level of the characters.

  • Click the more button on the top right of the browser.
  • Then the players need to enter the name of the characters of which they want to know the rank.
  • Now players can quickly check the tier list.

Some of the character tier rankings are as follows –

  • Derla- S-TIER
  • Feng – S TIER
  • Arthur- A TIER
  • Lone- A-TIER
  • Alden- B-TIER
  • Naomi- C-TIER
  • Guss- F-Tier

Magnum Quest Best Team

To build the best team in Magnum Quest, you need to learn some strategies and form your team wisely. Your performance will depend on the team combinations you make.

 E.g., Team 1 – Front row heroes- Fare and Ares; Faction – Forest, Wild. Back row- Aeluin, Gaia, lone; Faction- Forest, Wild, and Forest.

Like this, you need to form team two and team 3. You need to understand the combination and make your team accordingly so that your winning rate increases. Correct strategies and slotting is what you need to win a game.

All the characters are essential and unique in their own game, so players must carefully choose their characters and form the characters to be Magnum Quest Best Team.

Recently they were also providing codes for free items and merchandise.


Being a new game Magnum Quest has gained so much popularity among video game lovers. It is easily accessible to people because it is available on android and iOS platforms. It has excellent features, amazing 3d graphics. The character build is also good.

To make a good team, we suggest you refer to the tier list and see the character ranking before choosing your team-making characters. As you win and lose will depend on how you have compiled the teams and characters.

If you want to know more about Magnum Quest Best Team, check the Tier List Section.

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