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Majicer Reviews [July] Know The Scam Mock Site

Majicer Reviews [July] Know The Scam Mock Site -> This post gives a detailed analysis of a newly launched website that sells women apparel.

Hey there, have you been searching lately for new fashion stores online? A new e-store has just got launched on the web, called majicer.com, that sells women apparel. The website might be tempting for the women crowd out there, but it is crucial to know the Majicer Reviews, before shopping online. Hence, we will provide you with detailed information as you read on.

The article will give all the pros and cons of the webshop that is a newly set-up one and has a range of fashion products available. Due to the increasing number of online scams today, we suggest you judge the website from the United States correctly and then proceed to shop. That will protect you from any fraud that may be associated with this new e-shop.

Continue reading further to get accurate information about the new webstore.

What is Majicer.com?

This website Majicer.com is entirely new on the web and sells women fashion products like dresses, outerwear, bottoms, tops, printed dresses, and accessories. There is a good range of products available with a reasonably discounted price for each item. The shipping charges are not free for the United States, and they are around $9 and above for all countries.

The returns are accepted within 30 days. The mode of payments accepted are PayPal, Visa and other cards.

There is no contact address or phone number given for the customers to contact. Only an email address is available for providing support.

Specifications of Majicer.com

  • Type of Website – Online Retailer of Women Apparel
  • Website Country – United States
  • Shipping – $9.99
  • Returns – Accepted within 30 days
  • Contact Address – Not available
  • Contact number – Not available
  • Email Id – support@majicer.com
  • Payment modes – PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and others
  • Social media – Nil presence

Pros of Buying from Majicer.com

  • It has a wide variety of women apparel available for sale.
  • The returns are accepted within 30 days.
  • They claim to use environment-friendly fabric for their dresses.

Cons of Buying from Majicer.com

  • The website is quite young (only 48 days old)
  • The shipping charges are taken even for US orders.
  • There are no positive reviews available anywhere on the web.
  • The contact address and phone number are not given on the website.
  • No presence is detected on social media platforms.

Is Majicer Legit?

This new website is a new e-shop that got launched only 48 days ago. The life expectancy of the website is quite short, and the set-up involves three countries. There is no information available about the third country, and it may be a fraud one as the details are missing. The website may not be a scam as some websites use multiple servers, set-up in various nations. Thus to know, Is Majicer Legit, we researched more about this new site.

An internal review system is available on the website server that is usually used by scammers to manipulate reviews. 

The website has no association with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or any other popular site. There are no reviews available on WebOfTrust and Trust Pilot also. That shows the unpopularity of the website, that may be due to its newness. But the amount of hidden information makes it a doubtful and suspicious website for online shopping. So, we analyzed it more to know the Majicer Reviews online.

What do People Say About Majicer.com?

People usually give the real picture behind a newly launched webstore and are the best source of getting reviews online. We checked for such reviews on the web and unfortunately, could not find any positive feedback. The website has hardly any customers even after giving so much discount on its products.

We researched more to get Majicer Reviews that may be helpful for new customers to shop on their website but only a few negative ones. The webshop is highly unpopular as no feedback is available on any social media platform. 

The Final Verdict

After a careful analysis of this new webshop that sells women apparel, we conclude that the e-store is not at all recognized on the internet. It has no links available with social media network too and is quite unpopular. There is a lot of hidden information associated with the website, which makes it unreliable even more.

For today’s customer to develop trust in a new webshop, it has to be transparent in giving information. That is lacking in this case, and so, we suggest the buyers be careful and avoid shopping on this website.

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