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Mangomeee Scam {June 2022} Safe To Buy – Check Reviews!

This article will make customers aware of the facts about the Mangomeee Scam. It will help and guide the purchase.

Who doesn’t want a pair of shoes with people’s eyes on? A good foot collection is mesmerizing to watch and showcase. Isn’t it? People from different nations, especially from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany are looking on various portals to make an online purchase for it.

Mangomeee is a footwear website selling brand-oriented shoes online at a nail-biting price. People are interested in knowing about – Is Mangomeee Scam or not? Let’s scroll down to know more about this platform.

Is Mangomeee legit or bogus?

  • Created on – 21/11/2019 (Older than 2 years)
  • Expiry date- 21/11/2022 (Short-period left)
  • Owner identity – Private with WHOIS.
  • Trust Index- Has scored 86% on the index.
  • Trust Score- Got 1 out of 100 on the score table.
  • Website blacklist status- Yet to get detected as a blacklisted site.
  • Proximity to the suspicious site- Got 9/100 on the suspicion scale.
  • Security- Detected a safe, secure connection server.
  • Contact details- Pretty active and mentioned on the official website with multiple numbers.
  • Website popularity- Website popularity is marked as great on the scale.
  • Mangomeee Reviews– We are able to find many reviews on trusted websites reviewing portals.
  • Alexa indexing- Alexa ranking is very good. 
  • Social media handles- Present on Instagram and pretty active.
  • Website speed- It has a good speed rate.

The analysis of the site and its data reveals that the site is somehow legit. But we do need to check more on it to make an authentic conclusion.

About Mangomeee site

Mangomeee is a selling site online that deals in Bape, Dior, Adidas, Travis Scott, Air Jordan, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Nike shoes.

They are selling shoes at a reasonable and low price that is making people awestruck and skeptical at the same time. People are finding an answer for the Mangomeee Scam pretty actively.

Particular details- 

  • Website name- www.mangomeee.com
  • Contact number- +8613255911553
  • Email ID- Blackstore19@163.com
  • Address- Not found
  • Cost price- US Dollars.
  • Return and refund policy- Not specified by the website.
  • Privacy policy- They are collecting personal data for cookies and insurance.
  • Payment methods- They accept Credit Cards and add insurance for the lost package.
  • Shipping policy- They are shipping internationally.
  • Tracking- No option available on the website.
  • Other facilities- They are giving membership discounts for the previous customers.

After a detailed inspection of the website, some potential threats can be seen, and a wise purchase is recommended to avoid scam portals for the future inconvenience. Therefore, let’s scroll down to know more about this platform.

Positives aspects of the website to know is Mangomeee scam or not

  • It has positive reviews present on some legit websites.
  • It has an ensured HTTPS protocol.
  • They are an old domain. 
  • The website is popular.
  • Alexa ranking is pretty high.
  • Suspicious scores are low, which will lower its spam rate.
  • They have active social media handles.
  • This website pretty much looks like an online store.
  • Legal SSL certificate.

Negatives of the website-

  • The proprietor’s identity is hidden with WHOIS.
  • Suspicious brand links are on the website.
  • The DNS filter has marked this website as suspicious.

Now, let’s move forward to check the reviews in detail and analyse the transparency of the portal more clearly. 

What are Mangomeee Reviews?

Though the product has good ratings on trusted websites, people still suspect the website’s products. They are present on social media and pretty active and famous. This is attracting customers more. 

Some people claim on YouTube and other websites that their packages have arrived early and on time. Others are still worried and wondering where their packages are.

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The Last Words

Mangomeee gives customers a good sense of shopping for their love of shoes. Many customers are buying branded shoes from the domain, but some are worried about the potential threats that made them search for Mangomeee Scam.

Website’s trust ratings and reviews can guide people for further purchases. We recommend you make a wise purchase to prevent your money from any loss. If you want to go to the outlet, click here for customer questions. Likewise, Click here to preserve yourself from Credit card deceives. 



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