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Manuel Franco Text (July) Get The Detailed Insight!

Manuel Franco Text (July) Get The Detailed Insight! >> Are you a victim of an imposter scam, and do you want the necessary steps to avoid the same? Read to know.

Scammers are getting expertise and don’t spare a minute to scam people with new techniques and ideas. Apart from phishing, smishing one more type of scam that is very common in all countries, especially in the United States, an imposters scam. 

In this write up we will share the details of one such lottery scam, known as the Manuel Franco Text.

Read further for details.

Who is Manuel Franco?

Manuel Franco is a common man of 24 years old who won a Powerball lottery of $768.4 million. He resides in west Allies, and before getting this jackpot, he use to work in a Target store. He has also distributed some gift cards to all the shoppers after he won this lottery. Further, false claims are being made by his name, and scam texts are being sent to people at masses, but here he is not the actual criminal, and he is also uncertain of the fact.

What is Manuel Franco Text?

From few months, most people are receiving a text which says that “The text is from Manuel Franco who is the Powerball lottery winner and he further wants to donate random two hundred individuals $50,000 each, and if you have received this text message then it has been selected through spin ball. It is also stated in the message that he is volunteering for many charitable causes. So if you are further interested, you can contact their agent, and also a Contact number is provided of the agent along with a random name”. 

This is the Content of the scam lottery text, which is being forwarded to many.

Necessary steps to avoid these scams

Manuel Franco Text is a type of imposter scam text. These types of scams are designed to show that it is from a celebrity to trap innocent people. These are lottery scams sent to people to track their personal details and other vital information such as bank details. 

Steps to be followed:-

  • Don’t click on unnecessary links which can trace your personal data and information.
  • Avoid providing any details to people who are offering you money in return.
  • You can report the scams to law enforcement centers.

People’s Reaction to the Text

On research, it is found that Manuel Franco Text has been received by many people with the same Content on the text, but in some cases, the agent’s name and the agent’s contact number have been changed. Some people even discussed this matter on various social media platforms, which say that this scam technique was used back in 2019 once, and it is being repeated to trap individuals.

For detailed reviews of the text of Manuel Franco  you can read here.


These scamming techniques are regular nowadays, and people are easily attracted to these scamming texts, especially the needy ones. Manuel Franco Text is one such lottery scam that is used to victimize innocent people. In this write-up, we have tried to solve the most common issue faced by the general people by providing the necessary steps to avoid a scam.

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