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Mar a Lago Membership Cost {Jan 2021} Checkout Details!

Mar a Lago Membership Cost {Jan 2021} Checkout Details! >> Who are members of the US fifth historical mansion’s club & what are membership charges? Read.

Mar-a-Lago- The resort, which has been declared as ‘National Historic Landmark’ by the US Government- Have you any idea how much Mar a Lago Membership Cost is?

Today we are going to explore one of the famous historical landmarks based in Florida. This grand resort is not only loved by Americans but also quite renowned in both the United States and United Kingdom. Well-known personality from both countries has a membership.

Are you curious to know who has the membership? What about the membership charges? Before starting, let’s see more about this resort-


Mar-a-Lago is the Spanish word; the meaning is ‘Sea-to-Lake,’ and of course, the name is perfect to describe this grand resort. It is located on the Palm Beach coastal island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the East and the Intercostal water-way of Florida in the west. 

Following Mar a Lago Membership Cost, the resort covers 62500 square ft. area, development initiated in 1924 and finished in 1927. This grand resort was established by Marjorie Merriweather Post, an American philanthropist, socialite, and businesswoman, and cereal company heiress.

The current owner of this luxurious resort is former US President Mr. Donald Trump. After several unsuccessful attempts, he finally owned it in 1985. Data reveals that Mr. Trump spent around 10 million US Dollars to obtain this piece of architecture. After purchasing, he did renovate and added around 20000 square ft. ballroom. Mr. Donald Trump uses this resort as a Winter White House. 

The Mar a Lago Membership Cost, & its Mar-a-Lago Club:

After owning this mansion by Donald Trump, he developed Mar-a-Lago exclusive club in 1995. It has exceptional amenities for worldwide VVIPs. Many renowned personalities possess membership tag and spend their holidays in this grand mansion. 

Who are the members of this club?

Not everyone is qualified for membership as there is a charge to become a valid member. According to sources, the club has around 500 members across the United States and United Kingdom, Asia, and Africa. Members include Financier Thomas Peterffy.

Along with them, Lobbyist Kenneth Duberstein, Oil Executive Bill Koch, Media executive Christopher Ruddy, George Norcross- Democratic Party Leader, Bruce E Toll & Richard LeFrak the Real Estate Developer, Howie Carr, Bill Belichick.

How much Mar a Lago Membership Cost is?

The 20-acre grand mansion has a special club that required a fixed charge; previously, the costs were 200000$; however, from 2012, it was cut down to 100000$. As per the people, the membership charge was reduced after the scandal related to Bernie Madoff.

Again the charges have been revised. As per the news, the fees increased to 200000$ + Taxes, and it took effect from 1st Jan.

Eric Danziger, the CEO, said that they were in the fifth position among the 26 metropolitan areas in the US.


Around 20 acre grand architecture with 100+ rooms and world-class amenities like spa, beach club, pools, tennis court, etc.- The Mar-a-Lago club raised its membership charges. The revised Mar a Lago Membership Cost has become double to previous fees.

According to a report, Trump has resigned from his CEO position, and his son is now running the business. For more updates, check our daily published blogs.

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