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Marcus Bank Reviews 2020 – What Is The Story Behind It?

Marcus Bank Reviews 2020 – What Is The Story Behind It? >> Read this post to get information about this online bank, customer reviews about it.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs is the online bank which provides saving accounts and personal loan services. Goldman Sachs launched its online banking business in 2016 and gave the name Marcus by Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs offered an online banking platform first in the United States in 2015 than the United Kingdom in 2016.Marcus by Goldman Sachs doesn’t have any branch; you can only access and clear your queries from online, which is entirely safe. We have analysed various Marcus Bank Reviews to write this post for you. Read the whole post to know more about this brand.

Why Choose Marcus Bank?

It is one of the best banks which provide the highest interest rates on saving account.

  • Some of the highlighted benefits of Marcus Bank are:
  • You can transfer money with a fast-paced, wired transfer.
  • Bank provides the best online saving account with zero maintenance cost.
  • No bondage on the opening account balance, you can even earn the highest rate with that least balance.

Types Of Facilities By Marcus Bank

In this section, we will talk about facilities available in online bank-

Best Savings Accounts

Marcus bank promises to give the highest rates on opening an online savings account. The bank allows you to keep balance according to your needs. There is no need to maintain the least balance to get high rates. The bank charged zero fees on the wire transfer.

CD account

Certificate of Deposit account options is available in Marcus bank with competitive market rates

Marcus provides the highest interest rates on CD, based upon the term plan you choose. With a minimum of $500, you can open a CD account on Marcus bank.

You have to keep a minimum of six month period, and there are different yield rates on One year, Three years, and Five-year term plan.

Personal loans

The bank also offers personal loans; you can apply for a loan of a minimum of $3500 to $40,000. The only matter of issue is they offer only unsecured loans, and it purely depends upon our income and credit score.

Advantages As Per Available Marcus Bank Reviews

Marcus, by Goldman Sachs, is an excellent alternative for anyone who needs a nitty-gritty investment account or fluid CD. They are the best in class contender, so expect to see greater usefulness coming on the web. With their acquisition of Clarity Money, Marcus furnishes a subset of clients with a versatile application and proper monetary administration (PFM) programming.

Disadvantages As Per Available Marcus Bank Reviews

On the off chance that all you care about is the financing cost (rather than one-quit shopping advantages of keeping money with Marcus), different banks may pay more. Marcus pays somewhat more than saves money with financial records, online bill pay, and different highlights, so it’s challenging to get too excited for the rate except if you have a lot of money.

Customer’s Reviews About Its Best Savings Account

Stan Louis says, “Great experience and I’ve never had any issues using their high yield savings account. It’s a savings account after all, so it’s not a bad thing not to have instant access to funds. 2-3 day turnaround time is ok for me.”

Hailey Jae says, “I opened two savings accounts with 2.25% interest rates. Four months later they lowered the price to 2.15%, two months after that it was reduced to 2.0%, another two months after it has been reduced yet again to 1.90%. It is frustrating and misleading (they did say they could change the interest at any time); however, I might be looking for another online bank as they are a dime a dozen anyway.”

Tabby Brown, “I went to all the trouble of opening a Marcus account, only to close it almost immediately. I read everything I could find so much there that wouldn’t be any surprises, and there were still surprises, the most significant for me being that you can’t designate an organization as your beneficiary. You can only choose a human being, which doesn’t work for me; I need to be able to select my favouritenon-profit. That was a total no-go. So two weeks after I opened the account, I transferred all my money back out and closed it.”

Final Conclusion AboutMarcus Bank

Well, we have not found all good words about this brand. Lots of its customers are happy and they have writer that their customer service has been excellent, and they even just launched a new app for even easier access. However, several others are really sad from the available facilities.

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