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Marianne Wiggins Salman Rushdie (August) Read Now

In this post, Marianne Wiggins Salman Rushdie, there is the story of Salman and Marianne, who were novelists and had mutual respect.

Do you know who the ex-wife of Salman Rushdie is? Do you know the winner of the Whiting Award? Both of these questions have the same answer- Marianne Wiggins. She has made news again in – the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Indiaand France as her ex-husband Salman Rushdie died. 

To know more about Marianne Wiggins Salman Rushdie, please read further

Who is Marianne Wiggins?

Marianne Wiggins is the ex-wife of Salman Rushdie. He was a British-American novelist. Marianne is known for winning the Whiting Award, a National Endowment for the Arts Award. She also received the Heidinger Kafka award and was the finalist in the Pulitzer award in 2004. All of these awards were for her novel Evidence of Things Unseen. The Cambridge Guide to Women’s writing has described her as intelligent, bold, and full of hidden comedy. She has been monumental in shaping the English literature. 

Elizabeth west salman Rushdie is the story of Marianne and Rushdie. They were married from the year 1983 and were consecutively divorced in 1988. They got together for their interest in novels and reading. However, their marriage could not stand the test of time. They still had respect for each other. In their marriage of 5 years, they did not have a child, but Marianne had a child named Elizabeth in her first marriage with Brian Porzak. They got married in 1965 and separated in 1970. She has good relations with both Salman Rushdie and Brian Porzak. 

How is the relationship between Marianne Wiggins Salman Rushdie?

Marriage Wiggins and Salman Rushdie had good relations even after their divorce. They respected each other and their art. They separated because they could not keep the love that they had before for each other. There is always mutual respect and understanding. And the fact that Salman Rushdie died at the age of 75 years, she’s disheartened by the news and wishes he was happy in the final years of his life. She and Salman met many times for their novels and profession, making a common point in their lives. Marianne Wiggins is a story very close to their heart. 


In summation, this post explains the life of Salman Rushdie and Marianne Wiggins. The Novelist Marriage Wiggins and Salman Rushdie were married for five years. She is famous for her writing, and they have been on good terms since then. Salman Rushdie died, and she expressed her deep sorrow for his demise as there was love and mutual respect still between them. She moans for the loss of Salman Rushdie. Check this link for more information

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