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Marlin Recovery Scam {April 2021} Beware Of Scam Calls!

Marlin Recovery Scam {April 2021} Beware Of Scam Calls! >> This write-up guides users to be aware of scam calls from debt-recovery agencies. Read for details.

Are you aware of debt recovery scams? If no, read this article till the end to grab more awareness.

Different types of debt recovery scams are running out worldwide. Many get a dupe of this deception and lose money. The citizens of the United States are curious to know more about debt collection scams. 

Here you can go through the write-up to know about Marlin Recovery Scam

What do you know about Marlin Recovery?

Marlin Recovery is a well-known debt collection Recovery Company. The company aims to recover the long-pending debt to bring you back on track. The company possesses highly professional executives to get back your debt for less money.

The team is efficient in technology, and they apply it while collecting a debt.

Who does Marline Recover Serve? 

A person with long-outstanding debts can take the help of professionals of Marlin Recovery. The person must have attained 18 years of age. Users who are below eighteen years are not eligible to use this service.

What do users know about Marlin Recovery Scam? 

At present, there are many complaints about a debt-recovery scam. You may receive scam calls from debt recovery agencies daily. These calls are like threatening that you have to pay money right; else you will face legal consequences. 

Most of the people get scared of these calls and provide their personal information to these imposters. People have reported that they are getting vague calls and messages from Marlin Recovery LLC. 

These vague calls aim to pressure the persons to make immediate payments. If you receive such call from Marlin Recovery, it is not genuine. 

How do you understand the debt-collection calls are genuine or fake? 

A genuine debt collection company always obeys the guidelines to collect a debt. It will help you to understand more about Marlin Recovery ScamA legal debt collection agency will always offer you various options to pay your debt.

They will let your clear your dues via credit card, debit card, online bank transfer, cash, or cheques. But, if you get a call to repay debts only via PayPal or wire transfer, it is a scam call. Whenever you receive such calls, you need to be cautious about these calls.

Reviews of scam calls of Marlin Recovery

Citizens from the United States are getting calls from Marline Recovery for the debts. Here you need to know whether these calls are genuine or scam. Many have reported that they are receiving Marlin Recovery Scam calls and texts from the company.

Scammers call users from different state area codes that denote these calls are illegal. Many started receiving calls for vague demand of money. 

Then they got messages from persons namely Tammy and Michael Harris. Moreover, the site of the company has a trust score of 2%. It denotes that users must be aware of scam calls from the company.

Final Thought

The recent increase in the scam calls from debt-recovery companies has made people scared. Hence you need to be cautious and judge whether a call is fake or legal.

Have you received any Marlin Recovery Scam calls? Please share your experience in the comment box mentioned below.

20 thoughts on “Marlin Recovery Scam {April 2021} Beware Of Scam Calls!

  1. yes I have received dozens of calls from marlin and DAR. both telling me they are collecting a dept and it is going to another department next week but I can resolve it now and it is imparitave I contact them now. I have picked up twice and spoke but it is a recorded message. their numbers are coming from all over the country and out of the country. these are scams, in my case I know they are scams. I do not owe anyone. they are also sending text messages asking for someone else. I have had the same number for 20 years. so when the ask is this number still fo= steve I know it is a scam. besides the fact that I do not owe anyone.

    1. I’ve receive two phone calls from Marlin Recovery. 888 745 3481. The first call was yesterday 2/26/21 the guy told me I’ve a outstanding payday loan at Chek and Go on Dunn Ave, Jacksonville, Fl. I called the place and was told my name is not in their system and I’m being scammed. Well I just received the second call telling me the loan was done online. A text will be sent to me to go to a link to pay the money. It is in my best interest to pay the loan or there will be legal action taken against me. I told the guy go head,I’ve have been getting a phone call every year with the person telling I’ve an outstanding payday loan from 2012. I don’t do payday loans because they’re too expensive. Each time the starts an argument. My husband tells me disconnect the call.

  2. I have been getting text messages from Marlin Recovery saying that I need to call this # and talk to Tammy. I have also received messages (several) from DAR saying I owe money for a loan. I never took out a loan. These numbers come from every know matter how many I block. I’m tired of it. These people should be stopped.

  3. The same guy now says his name is Chris. He used to be Richard with another company called DRA. I have been harassed by them for years off and on. I have no defaulted loans. I’ve gone as far as to prove with bank statements that I never got the money they say I did but they only quit calling for a short period and start back up. Calls from all area codes and they are very rude and will curse you and call you names if they don’t get what they want.

    1. I got this message yesterday from Chris.

      Hi yes this is compliance manager Chris I asked my secretary to leave you a message last week and I’ve yet to hear back I urge you to please take a moment and handle this account today give me a call us back at this number or if you prefer resolve this on our website with a few clicks at marlinrecovery.com. that’s marlinrecovery.com again thank you it is serious that we get this account resolved immediately please…”

  4. My husband and I got calls from this company, minutes apart. We owe no money that would be collected by a debt collector. This is a scam company, do not call them or log onto the web site.

  5. Just got a very vague call today, stating they want to verify my number and to immediately sign on to thier website or get turned over to a skiptracer.

    1. I got the same call today, too. I figure if there was a loan or outstanding debt wouldn’t it have already shown up on my credit report?

  6. Just got a message from “Chris” saying that they have left me numerous messages and that I needed to log onto their website marlinrecovery.com today or they would have to turn my name over to a skiptracer.

  7. I’ve been getting these scam calls lately – I’ve just been blocking all calls from any numbers that are scammers.

  8. same as above, so many messages saying they received a debt associated with this number and that I need to go to their website and settle it for less or they will be sending it to skip tracing. I also received a text asking if this is still my number and then another text asked if it was someone elses number. These predator’s need to be caught.

  9. I received a VM today to return this call or log into our website to resolve this matter. I have no unresolved deb and have no idea why they called me. I keep track of my credit reports and several alerts set up on my accounts. So if something transpires I will know. The only matter that needs to be resolved is them to stop calling me. Do NOT go to their website, no telling what they have set up there

  10. I received a voice message from a caller named Chris in this manner:

    This is a Chris, uh, with Marlon Recovery again. We had left a message, and it’s still not heard back. Uh, we do need to ascertain whether or not this is a good phone number at this point or not. Um, not We’re gonna have to send it to the skip tracing department. Uh, you can either call us back again or if you prefer electronic communication. Uh, we do need you to go to the website today and get it resolved. Marlon recovery dot com m A r L i n recovery dot com or just give me a call back at this number again. We do need to get it handled today. Please. Very important. Please return the call. Thank you very much.

    Looks suspuciously vague, and I’m willing to bet it’s DRA in “drag”- I WILL NOT BE FOOLED AND WILL NOT SEND THEM AN INVISIBLE CENT!!

  11. Went straight to voicemail (no actual phone call) and a vague voicemail message was left from “Compliance Manager Chris” claiming that he tried contacting me last week (not true) and to get this account resolved quickly by contacting the number or going to their website. I have never had debt nor have I ever heard of Marlin Recovery.

  12. Guy named Chris called saying needing to get this case resolved today or will be turned over to skip tracing company, same voice as a Peter Bronson from DRA and MTS skip tracing… these ppl are really stupid… 🙄😒
    Always call from multiple area codes and numbers
    So this Marlin recovery is a new one since I think everyone knows DRA is an oldie that won’t work anymore

  13. These clowns having been texting and calling me relentlessly for the past 6 months with urgent calls. Same voice but he was a Christopher Adams , Peter, and other names. They call from literally every state and now switched from DRA to Marlin Recovery. SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’ve been getting calls for a few weeks now. Call the # back and there is no option for a human. I’ve tried the contact us feature twice with no response. The chat disappeared after typing in my question. I traced the account in question back to the original creditor from 11 years ago. Turns out it was last sold to a company in 2014 and they still own it, but it is way past the statute time frame. They told me this Marlin company has no right to contact me.

  15. Yes I received a call from Marlin Recovery, someone named Chris in the compliance department. I even went so far as to go on to their website and put in my information to see what they were claiming was my debt. The deb listed is from a company called Partner Weekly and I’ve never even heard of them.

  16. I started receiving calls from “Jacob” with MRS Recovery & Skip Tracing. First one was 3/29/21 (or thereabouts). I have no idea what this is about and no, I’m not calling them back lol.

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