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[Unedited] Marshall And Millions Killed: Who Killed Marshall and Millions? Why Marshall and Millions Killed? Check Complete Incident Details

Read the Marshall and Millions Killed article for complete information about the killings of innocent dogs.  

Have you heard of the killings of two dogs by police officers? Do you search for the detailed information about the incident? People in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Philippines have paid tribute to dogs and firmly oppose the police act. If you want to learn the complete news, follow the article until the end.

After a thorough search, we found some details about Marshall and Millions Killed topic. We present the whole information gathered from various online sources.

Source: dodbuzz.com

How did the incident occur?

Two innocent dogs have been killed in East London, United Kingdom. The circumstance of the incident is as follows. A man is walking with his two dogs named Marshall and Millions. It is known that the man and dogs have attacked a woman and her pet dog. The police got informed about the incident.

Police arrived at the scene, and the man tried to walk out, but the police argued too extreme and shot dogs.

 How and Who Killed Marshall and Millions?

After the incident came to light, people began to search for the police officers who were responsible for the cruel act. As per sources, the Metropolitan police of London defend themselves from the shooting of two Staffordshire bull terriers’ dogs brutally.

Police officers say the dogs were aggressive and are out of control. The police were found with a catcher, a gun and a riot shield in the incident footage. The footage went viral on social media, and netizens demanded justice for brutally killing the dogs for unwanted reasons. People claim officers have done the act was not supportive.

Why were Marshall and Millions Killed?

People and animal lovers are demanding police officers clarify the reason for punishing the two dogs to death for a small reason. But the police officers have imposed the owner of the dogs for being the holder of two deadly out-of-control dogs and made them appear in court.

We present the facts gathered from various online sources rather than fake news. We suggest readers confirm news from Wiki.

Change.org has filed a petition against the police officers for the accountable shooting of two innocent creatures. The head of the organization claims the video of Marshall and Millions Police depicts a despicable and unjustifiable act.

Who is the owner of the dogs?

The holder of the dogs is a homeless man. Louie Turnbull, the 46 years old man, lived with these two dogs. The man explained the situation and took over on the spot. When the police tried to harm him with weapons, the two dogs, Marshall and Millions, tried to protect their owner. The police have threatened and killed them at last. People’s anger has outraged country-wide, claiming the police officers’ deeds are ruthless. The woman who was attacked in the situation expressed grief for Marshall and Millions Killed News.

The lady pleaded with bystanders not to inform the police, but the action went in vain. The woman was left in shock and shed tears continuously at the loss of dogs’ lives.

Pawssion Project, a non-profit organization that protects homeless dogs, has released a literacy piece of Marshall and Millions decorated with flower garlands around their necks and heads. An artist Mary Mae Dacanay has presented his love towards dogs by crafting their faces on two leaves.

We provide you with social media links of non-profit organizations.



In the Marshall and Millions Killed article, we have informed the news about the two dogs, Marshall and Millions, who lost their lives in police fire. Netizens and people raise their voices on various social media platforms online and through rallies with posters on the roads. To watch the footage of the police attacking innocent dogs, click here for Marshall and Millions Police 

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Marshall and Millions Killed FAQS

Q1. Who are Marshall and Millions?

Marshall and Millions are two Staffordshire dogs raised by a homeless man.

Q2. What happened to the dogs?

The two dogs were shot dead by police officers in East London.

Q3. Who is the owner of the dogs?

Louie Turnbull, a 46 years old homeless man, is the owner.

Q4. Why did the police kill the dogs?

Police fired on the dogs in a clash with the dog’s owner.

Q5. Why did police enter the scene?

The man and two dogs attacked a woman and her pet dog in the street, and a bystander informed the police to rescue them.

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