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Martial Peak 1540 {Sep} Read Amazing Novel Chapter Here!

If you want to know the plot of Martial Peak 1540, read this article until the end to know the details of Laughing at your own ignorance chapter.

Martial Peak is a Chinese web-based novel. It tries to cover grown-up audiences from the Philippines, Indonesia, the United States, Brazil, and India. The author of Martial Peak is Momo. There are 6009 chapters in the novel, and the Divine Dao Library has translated 2343 chapters till now. Qidian is the official publisher of Martial Peak chapters on the web.

Let us check what happened in Martial Peak 1540 below.

What is Martial Peak?

It is a web-based novel, versatile in genre covering action, xuanhuan, martial arts and harem. There are 42 major characters in the story. It shows the quest to become the most powerful being.

There are many challenges the characters face in the story as High Heaven tends to test the characters in the roughest manner possible. Kai Yang was able to get the black book. He was a sweeper. But, with the help of the black book, he reached heights in the martial world. Martial Peak is among the top 10 most read novels. It has more than 40.7 million viewers. 

Martial Peak 1540 – Laughing at your own ignorance:

We find an Alchemist preparing medicine for Mr Gu. He had the conflagration knowledge sea herb to make the medicine. People knew that conflagration could refine medical liquid better than earth fire. He was successful in refining medical liquid with the correct amount of heat with the correct timing. 

Chapter 1540 shows that Grandmaster – Zuo De is above to catch the pill using the red lotus divine method. Grandmaster successfully refined the perfect soul source restoration pill, and it made him close to becoming mid-rank origin king grade. In Martial Peak 1540, on seeing the success of the Grandmaster, people were confident that any other Alchemist at his level would have failed in refining the pill. The Grandmaster thanked all the people for their support. 

One of his students’ requests to look at the pill. The Grandmaster gives a bag of pills to his student. The student was delighted and said that the pill is very high in quality standards. The pill is placed in a furnace for further refinement. 

After two days, Zhan says there was no fragrance coming out of the furnace. In Martial Peak 1540, Alchemist Dao is scared and demands justice from the president – Ai Ou, and says that they would leave Heng Luo chamber of commerce if they do not get a satisfactory answer. 

People were surprised to see Alchemist relaxed. So, they laughed at the president’s ignorance as they knew that even the Grandmaster would have fainted by refining a pill for two days.


The story shows how the Alchemist confidently uses conflagration knowledge to create the pill and how Grandmaster successfully caught the pill with the red lotus divine method. But, the suspense in Martial Peak 1540  started regarding what will happen next as even after two days, there was no fragrance. 


Is the pill in the furnace safe (or) did the pill get spoiled? Let us know your views about the pill in the furnace.

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